A 30-point win in a single quarter is crazy! The Celtics beat the Nets, Tatum scored 18 points in a single quarter and was invincible

The Celtics have performed well this season, ranking first in the East, and the dual-core performance of Tatum and Brown is stable. The Nets ranked 4th in the Eastern Conference and had won two consecutive victories. In the absence of Durant, Irving performed well and scored more than 30 points in 6 consecutive games. The Celtics have won the first two games this season.

Durant continued to be absent for this campaign, and Simmons was also unable to play. Pu Wen led the team with a single core, the Celtics had a neat lineup, and the doubles led the starting lineup. As soon as the first quarter came up, the Celtics took the lead to enter the state. The Nets were obsessed with the outside line, but the feel was terrible. The Celtics doubled and felt hot. They played a 14-3 start to stop the Nets. The Nets made the first 7 shots. There were 6 times on the outside.

After a timeout, the Nets’ offense still did not improve. Tatum hit a three-pointer. The Celtics played another 7-0, leading 18 points 21-3. Clarkston broke the scoring shortage with free throws. The Celtics Tatum and Brown both broke out. They made all of their first seven outside shots. After Brown hit a three-pointer, the Celtics led 33-7 by 26 points and completely overwhelmed the Nets.

The Nets’ offense improved slightly, but they couldn’t stop the Celtics’ sharp offense. The point difference continued to widen. Kornet scored 2+1 and the Celtics led by 31 points. The Celtics led by 30 points 46-16 in the first quarter. Tatum scored 18 points and 6 rebounds on 6-for-6 from outside in the first quarter. Brown also scored 12 points. The Celtics made 8 of 11 from the outside in the first quarter. Get 7 points.

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