The UFO Photographed by an Italian Pilot

The pilot Giancarlo Cecconida14AladeCaca from the Air Force flew in his G.91 fighter returning to
Treviso Air Base in Italy after carrying out a reconnaissance mission on June 18,
1979, at 11:30 am.

The Straight Radar Center registered the presence of an intruder on its screens and gave instructions to
Cecconi to intercept the unidentified vessel that had entered a restricted area

The pilot activated the aircraft’s cameras and approached the UFO at a distance of 80 meters in a
speed of 300 knots (550 km/h).

The eauinedesoo from the aeronorto followed the scene with binoculars and the person from the Control Tower of Treviso contacted Cecconi to warn him that the object was releasing a strange “blue trail”

Cecconi was in pursuit at 7,000 feet, and when he approached the object, he made up and down movements, rising to 13,000 feet.

The pilot made seven to eight passes close to the object taking pictures of the UFO, resulting in a total of 82 frames representing the intruder.

00VNanarently was stationary with respect to G.91. but the radar center confirmed to Cecconiqueo the obieto was moving with a defined course and speed

Ceccon described the craft as looking like a matte black “qasolina tank” with a small white or transparent dome located on top of the slightly flattened object.

While Cecconi was making yet another maneuver to take another round of photos, strana’s radar reported that the object disappeared from the screens and shortly afterwards, Treviso Control Tower confirmed that they had lost visual contact with the 0VNI

The plane returned to the Air Base and landed the films were removed and taken to be developed

The pilot was very curious to see the photos he took including the white “dome” and reported that “the object was a cylinder tank of at least 8 meters in length with about 3 meters in diameter suspended in the sky at 13,000 feet”

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