Supposed Time Traveler Who Came From The Year 2045 Says “Artificial Intelligence Will Rule The Earth”

Man claims to be a scientist who was sent to our time to work on the machines that will be used in the future. A surprising story was published by the YouTube channel “ApexTV in Spanish”, which is dedicated to dealing with paranormal topics and which has a large number of subscribers.

In this video they show us an interview with a supposed time traveler who claims to come from the future, specifically from the year 2045. In the images we see a seated man whose face has been blurred to hide his identity who tells us that he was part of a secret project whose mission was to build the machines that would be available to the public in 2028.

A Different Earth Furthermore, he says that in 2045 people and robots will unite to live as one and that artificial intelligence will rule the Earth. He also says that it all started thanks to extraterrestrial technology that for the time being would be kept hidden from us, but in the future would be studied and used for our benefit. Finally, he takes out a tablet and shows us a video supposedly taken in the future in which there are a series of strange buildings and flying cars.

It also ensures that due to the overpopulation that exists in the future people are being sent to the planet Mars.
See the video that already exceeds 1,460,746 views.

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