Messi is a peerless genius. Ronald is arrogant and aloof. Only Bell’s character is closer to that of ordinary people

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The 33-year-old Bell announced his official retirement, and there will be no “Saint” overtaking in the football world

Three weeks after the end of the World Cup, Bell, who is not old, was the first person to formally bid farewell to football after the “twilight of the gods”.

As the first billion-dollar player in football, Bell, who joined Real Madrid 10 years ago and opened the most magnificent chapter of his life, has a fascinating beginning. However, the “Great Sage” who opened the downward channel when he was under 30 years old, and the highlight moment was only a fragment, never continuous.

In 2014, Bell roared and celebrated after Real Madrid won the Champions League.

But what about that? As the first person in the history of Welsh football and the emperor of Real Madrid for many years, Bell said goodbye to the champion, money and fame.

Compared with Messi’s peerless genius and Ronaldo’s aloof and paranoid, Bell is closer to us ordinary people in character.

After the World Cup, Bell chose to say goodbye.

The choice of ordinary people

It is no longer necessary to recount the honors Bell has won in Real Madrid. However, after a sober analysis of his 9-year career at Real Madrid, Bell is faced with “reluctance” one after another.

Under Ancelotti, he reluctantly participated in the joint defense; Under Benitez, he reluctantly kicked the front waist; Under Zidane, he reluctantly accepted his substitute status.

Despite his enviable talent, Bell is still an ordinary person in his heart, not a paranoid person who brings himself to death.

With more money and less work, he is close to home and his wife and children are hot. Bell’s career pursuit has never been to stand at the top of the football world, but to earn something for work and have a clear conscience.

Real Madrid BBC group that has been recorded in history.

Isn’t this the choice of ordinary people? Since I can’t change the environment and the environment is not so friendly to me, I have already made my best contribution to the brilliant output of the 4th Champions League final, and Bell and Real Madrid are already equal.

So after failing to get along with his previous superiors, Bell chose to lie flat – in his own eyes and ordinary people’s eyes, this was the most favorable decision.

After repeatedly hitting the wall, Bell, who had never taken himself as the core of Real Madrid, chose to retreat bravely.

After all, not everyone has the determination and perseverance of Ronaldo and Benzema to fight for the top. What Bell did is not the best choice for ordinary people?

At Real Madrid, Bell won five European championships.

sap one’s spirit by seeking pleasures? Don’t be harsh

“Wales, Golf, Real Madrid” – When the Wales team entered the final week of the 2020 European Cup, the “Red Dragon” team celebrated with such banners, and the golf between the national team and the club became the most talked about point of Bell’s late career.

No one can be addicted to others, let alone the Real Madrid superstar who has no privacy to speak of. Before Bell, the famous Real Madrid players of all generations have different hobbies: Ronaldo is fond of food, Beckham prefers changing hair styles and tattoos, Owen is a veteran of the casino, and even Ronaldo has luxury cars that can’t be bought. But Bell, who loves to swing on the green, has become the opposite model of “losing one’s mind”.

Since 2018, reports about Bell’s addiction to golf began to be endless, and more than 70% of Real Madrid fans expressed opposition or even condemnation to Bell’s sidelines in the polls.

Golf is Bell’s favorite.

However, it seems that he intends to compete with Real Madrid fans. Bell not only keeps updating the dynamics of golf on social media, but also opens a golf themed bar in London.

“I am the number one golfer in the Real Madrid team” – When interviewed by the local media, Bell was full of pride. In the eyes of the “Great Sage”, he played a birdie ball, and his sense of achievement was even better than scoring on the course.

Even when he decided to leave Real Madrid, the moving company that vacated his luxury house in Real Madrid also revealed that he had never packed so many golf equipment.

So, without golf, will Bell’s Real Madrid career follow another path?

The answer is obviously no, Bell has never delayed the training and competition because of playing golf, compared with Denbelle who played games all night long; However, he was accused by the pro Real Madrid media of having little communication with his teammates and making a face on the bench, which is not related to golf?

Like Suarez and Higuain, who never watch the game off the pitch, Bell just chose another way to release his extra energy.

In a sense, Bell may be the most able to separate work and life.

Bell in training and competition, though not a model, was absolutely not perfunctory; But outside the stadium, Bell, who has completely forgotten football and fully relaxed himself, did not make a common choice for ordinary people?

“It’s time to get together with your family, and you’ve cleared all the obstacles to the golf course.” As the most loyal partner of Bell National Team, Ramsey’s banter and farewell on the social media after Bell’s retirement can undoubtedly represent the position of most fans who are on Bell’s side.

Bell and Messi fight.

Say good-bye and win at one stroke

Finally, back to the soul torture that can never be separated, how do you evaluate Bell’s career?

There is no doubt that Bell is the absolute winner of life in the secular sense from any angle. In addition to five European Championships and the final goal of leading the whole team, he led Wales to win the European Cup twice and return to the World Cup, which is enough to define Bell’s career height.

In the long era of pride and pride, Bell’s achievements were no less than those of Benzema, Lewan, Neymar and others in the second echelon of Mero’s team, and the title of the first person in the history of Welsh football was already firmly established and deserved.

In addition to his smooth career in the past 10 years, Bell has always been one of the most lucrative players in football.

Although the “Big Sage” is far from the top of the football world in terms of business endorsements, its annual salary is only one item. Before Messi, Mbape, Neymar and others successively got big contracts, Bell’s salary has always been the top five in the football world, even higher than any top star in the Premier League of the same era.

However, Bell, the left-handed champion and high-paid right-handed player, has faded out of football so early, which is still a pity.

“For Bell, his physical condition has basically prevented him from playing football. He is still a football player in name, but not physically.”

Diego Torres, a reporter of the Spanish newspaper El Pais, commented a little harshly after Bell retired, but Bell’s declining state in the past two years may have proved this.

In the just concluded World Cup, although Bell scored the only goal of the whole team, Wales, who only scored 1 point, could only finish at the bottom of the group.

Bell led Wales to the top four of the European Cup.

Although Bell is only 33 years old, he is not even a veteran at the moment when science and technology are prosperous and awesome is guaranteed, but he has played high intensity professional football for 17 years since his debut at the age of 16, and his “length of service” has already been enough.

Moreover, Bell’s career is now complete, and there is no regret to leave. Retirement can not only enable the national team to start the transition between the old and the new as soon as possible, but also prevent the Los Angeles FC from paying a very high salary for itself, which is a good thing to win in one move.

Don’t be manic when you are in the limelight, don’t degenerate when you are in the limelight, don’t tangle when you are old and mediocre, and don’t love to leave when you wave your hand – it seems that you have been making decisions with the thinking of ordinary people all your life, but Bell has become the “big man” of Shuangwen time and again.

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