After the World Cup, the styles of the four major players are quite different: Ronaldo “Roll King” is attached, “Menet” is crazy about friendship, and Mbape is also hostile

Chen Lingyan, polar news reporter

After the World Cup, the four most watched superstars: Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and Mbape are currently busy and have swept the attraction on their respective social platforms. It is worth noting that this time their styles are quite different and intriguing.

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Crazy volume of C Luo (photo source: C Luo social platform)

Luo continues to be the “king of rolls”

Despite the constant criticism and negative comments, Luo still put forward the attitude of “I am me, and I am not the same fireworks”. After joining the Saudi Al-Nassr FC Club and helping the club harvest a large number of fans and attention, Ronaldo is still busy. In the media camera, he was a star who went into and out of the local luxury houses and appeared at the aristocratic feast, but he himself basked in the training scene on his personal platform.

It can be seen from the photos released by Ronaldo recently that he is either sweating in the gym or practicing hard on the court, and the supporting text is also “hard training” and “intensive training”. Netizens commented that Ronaldo is indeed “the king of the roll”, and he started to roll his teammates when he arrived at the new club, right? “Some people said that Ronaldo looks completely different from the famous celebrity, and is even more ruthless than a 20-year-old young man in” forcing himself “. In the comment area, everyone admires Luo’s self-discipline. “That’s why at the age of 37, Luo still has the ability to compete with all parties.” “There is no medicine for youth in the world. Only the super self-disciplined people can slow down time on themselves.”

Messi Nemal has deep brotherhood (photo source: Nemal social platform)

Messinemar basks in friendship

After winning the World Cup, Messi immediately took a happy vacation. After returning from the team a few days ago, the whole Paris Saint-Germain team lined up to welcome the guests, with full display. Boss Mei did not hide his good mood at all. He left a message on the social platform: “Thank my teammates and everyone at the club for welcoming me. We are back and looking forward to working with Paris to continue to achieve the goal of this season.”

For Messi’s return, Neymar seemed most happy. He basked in a group photo with Messi’s joy, and the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were full of joy. The media also recorded that at the training ground in Paris, Neymar leaned his head on Messi’s shoulder and “laughed to the grin”. Their immortal friendship envied others.

It is interesting to note that Paris Saint-Germain has been rumored to transfer Neymar, especially after the relationship between the three superstars, Mbape, Neymar and Messi, has become more and more subtle, and after the World Cup, this news is more frequent. However, from the content released by Neymar himself, he was not affected by this. Messi has also been “warm interaction” with him, and I don’t know whether he is helping his friends break the rumors.

It is also noteworthy that Mbape has gone out of a completely different timeline. After the World Cup, he immediately returned to the team for training and said “I don’t need to rest”. When Messi returned from his vacation, Mbape suddenly decided to take a vacation and fly to the United States to watch the NBA game. Previously, he said that he “can’t wait to play”, and he would obviously miss the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Anger.

Mbape (photo source: Xinhua News Agency)

Mbape’s “connectivity” has exploded

On the 9th, the 36-year-old captain of the French national team announced his retirement from the national team. Who can take over and wear the captain’s armband? The local media launched the vote, and Mbape had the highest support rate, with Grezman and Varane tied for the second place.

It is not surprising that Mbape, who has risen rapidly in recent years and constantly proved himself with goals, has won the support of fans. However, being captain and being a goal machine are two things. Although the outside world believes that Mbape’s fearless and aggressive personality is very consistent with the fans’ expectations for the new generation of superstars, to lead a team requires a more comprehensive and stable temperament, and these characteristics are exactly what Mbape lacks.

However, Mbape doesn’t seem to care about this problem. He has also met with the president of the French Football Association in recent days. Because the French Football Association announced the renewal of the contract with the head coach of the national team Didier Deschamps, which means that the French legend Zidane cannot be the head coach. When the media questioned whether Zidane had been contacted, Legrane, the president of the French Football Association, blurted out: “I will not even answer his phone.” This expression made Mbape angry, and he fired on the social platform: “Zidane is France, we can’t be so disrespectful of such a legend.”

The fans laughed and said that President Mu was President Mu. “Everyone dares to hate me when my temper comes.”

(Source: Polar News)

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