350 million euros annual salary? Stimulated by Cristiano Ronaldo’s joining the enemy, Riyadh New Moon reported to Messi that the fatter it was, the sooner it was known, the better

Al-Nassr FC’s victory in signing Ronaldo has aroused great attention in the global football world. Within hours after Ronaldo signed a contract with Al-Nassr FC Victory, the number of fans of the Saudi giants’ official ins account has soared——The number of fans originally around 860000 increased to 1.9 million。 In the past week after this deal, the number of fans of Al-Nassr FC has exceeded 10 million, becoming the team with the largest number of social media fans in Asia!

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Messi trained in Paris Saint-Germain to prepare for the war

It is reported that, based on the proportion between the number of fans and the income of a single social media, the Al-Nassr FC Club, which has more than 10 million fans at present, will be able to harvest about 30000 euros for each news release! In addition, Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr FC No. 7 shirt has brought about 28 million euros of sales revenue for the club a few days ago after joining the club.

The huge effect of Al-Nassr FC’s signing of Ronaldo has greatly touched other Asian gold dollar giants. In the 15th round of the Saudi League in the early morning of January 11, Beijing time, Al-Nassr FC’s city rivals Riyadh Xinyue drew 1-1 with Rad, currently 3 points behind leader Al-Nassr FC. In this game, the fans of the Riyadh New Moon shouted the slogan of “Messi, Messi” to the club president Fahd Ben Naffel on the stand, calling on the team to sign Messi to fight Ronaldo.

In fact, this is not the wishful thinking of New Moon fans in Riyadh. A few days ago, many Türkiye media reported that,Riyadh New Moon has offered Messi a huge contract with an annual salary of 350 million euros, I hope they can join us. Riyadh New Moon also has the background of Saudi Arabia’s royal family, and from the perspective of football tradition, they are Saudi Arabia’s top players. At present, the team has well-known attackers such as Iharo who played for Manchester United and Bitolo who played for Atletico Madrid. At the 2022 World Cup, Saudi Arabia also has a large number of Riyadh Crescent players.

According to Türkiye’s media Sabah Sports and Rudaw,Riyadh crescent moon has placed the contract of robbing Messi in front of Paris Saint-Germain President NasserJos é Felix, the editor in chief of the Maka newspaper, also revealed in a Saudi program he recently participated in:“The offer of Riyadh Crescent has indeed been placed on Messi’s table. We may see him in Saudi Arabia. Everything is possible.”

Messi is Saudi Arabia’s tourism publicity ambassador

Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain has six months left and will expire this summer. Earlier news said that the two sides would probably renew the contract for one year, and Messi’s annual salary would exceed 30 million euros. But after the Saudi intervention,The annual salary they offered Messi was more than 10 times the annual salary of the renewal contract in Paris, it’s impossible not to be exciting. Of course, it also depends on Messi’s own attitude – is he willing to go to Saudi Arabia for retirement? As we all know, Messi’s plan is to land in the MLS in the final stage of his career. He likes Miami very much and bought a house there.

However, the Saudis also have their own advantages. Messi is Saudi Arabia’s tourism publicity ambassador. If Messi can join and meet Ronaldo in the Saudi League, it will undoubtedly play a great role in Saudi Arabia’s bid for the 2030 World Cup. Previously, many people did not believe that Ronald would really go to Saudi Arabia, but “they gave too much”. Now, the annual salary offered by Saudi Arabia for Messi is nearly twice that of Ronald Ronald. Maybe, as the chief editor of Maka newspaper said, everything is possible.

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Editor Ou Peng

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