NBA trade rumors: The Cavaliers are interested in Little Hadawei, and the Lakers refuse to take the first rotation of Boyang

Chaifu, the all-media reporter of Sports Weekly

On January 11, Beijing time, there is less than one month before the NBA trade deadline of this season. The American media Hoops Hype summarized some recent gossip, including the players on the Knicks shelf, and the lone ranger who can play Little Hadawi.

Knicks: Redish and Queckley

One year after replacing the former Duke starlet with a first-round signing, Redish’s era in New York seems to have come to an end. Redish has been on the bench in the past 18 games, and this number is still increasing, because the team hopes to find a new home for the former No. 10 talent.

League sources revealed that the Knicks were willing to trade Redish for two second-round draft rights. It is reported that the Lakers, Bucks and several other teams have asked the Knicks for the price of Redish. Before being completely abandoned by Sibodu, Redish’s shooting percentage reached a career high of 44.9% this season.

So far this season, another Knicks player in the midst of gossip is Emmanuel Queckley. League sources said that several teams, including the Bucks, the lone ranger and the Wizards, had expressed interest in Quickley.

However, previous reports said that the Knicks bid for Queckley was the first round of signing. In addition, after the injury of R.J. Barrett, Queckley played better, which may make the transaction difficult to achieve. By the end of the last game against the Bucks, Quickley had averaged 19.1 points in the past 11 games, with a shooting percentage of 47.1%. He also sent 4.4 assists and grabbed 4.3 rebounds.

In the eight games as the starting point this season, Queckley averaged 20.3 points, 5.3 assists and 4.9 rebounds per game.

Lonely Ranger: Little Hadawi

According to Mark Stan’s report, the lone ranger has regarded the little Hadawi as the object that can be traded. According to Cavaliers reporter Chris Federer, Cavaliers are very interested in this pitcher.

Cavaliers have always been interested in upgrading their flanks through trading, but the contract of US $34.1 million in the next two years made Cleveland’s management hesitant. In addition, some people think that Lewell is a better player than Little Hadawei on the whole.

Piston: Berks

Berks has attracted the interest of several playoff teams. The 31-year-old veteran has averaged 14.1 points this season, with a shooting rate of 46.4%, a career high, and a three-point shooting rate of 44.7%.

Next season, Berks has a team option of $10.49 million. If it can not be replaced before the deadline, the Pistons’ plan is to implement his team option.

Evaluation of the trading prospects of Raptors

According to Mark Stan’s report, the Raptors are not particularly motivated to trade top players unless they can get a good enough offer. He made special mention of Siakam and Anunobi, saying that they were difficult to be poached by other teams. The crazy trading returns of star players during the off-season last year may have improved the Raptors’ appetite.

It is not unreasonable for the Toronto people to ask for the unprotected first round similar to that of Gobel and Mitchell against Xiekam. There are some teams with asset overflow in the first round of signing that have the ability to carry out such transactions. The transaction value of Anunobi is not so high, but his market is also very hot. Two first-round draft rights will be a fair price. He can be put into any other team in the league and immediately raise their ceiling.

Stan also mentioned that the Raptors are open to sending off young Trent. As previously reported, Trent is regarded as the most likely player to leave the Raptors. He is likely to jump out of the player option of next season this summer and strive for a bigger contract. In order to avoid investing too much in him, the Raptors can send him back for draft rights compensation, clean up the space, and raise the salary of Van Fleit, Siakam, and Anunobi.

Many teams in the league think it is feasible to rent Little Trent for half a year, but the question is whether they are willing to pay enough and whether they are willing to sign a new contract with Little Trent with an annual salary of more than 20 million. Those teams that need to supplement the backcourt, whose total salary is expected to exceed the salary cap this summer, may take action, such as the Suns, the lone ranger and the Wizards.

Lakers’ trade prospect evaluation

The Lakers are still optimistic. They have won five games in the past six games, and the eyebrows seem ready to return soon. The better their performance, the greater the pressure on the management to make transactions to improve their competitiveness this year. James has publicly acquiesced in his attitude.

According to Stan’s report, the Lakers felt that it was too expensive to replace Boyan Bogdanovic with an unprotected first-round signing. Given the current situation, their judgment may be correct. Considering that the draft chips in the hands of the Lakers are already limited, it makes sense to wait for better returns. If they don’t make those two first-round signings this season, they can trade three at a time at the summer draft conference.

The Lakers are not willing to trade any future first-round signing for a good starter, which may indicate that their management does not intend to make any trade this season. The current trading market is not enthusiastic. For a team that cannot guarantee to enter the playoffs, the first round signing of the long-term trading is a risk. If the strong eyebrows return and the Lakers continue to win, time will prove whether they will change their position.

Quasi-Free Player with Rising Value

Dillon Brooks

Although Dillon’s choice of shooting is always speechless, he may be the most underrated flank defender in the league, and the offensive end will never lose confidence. So far this season, when Dillon is present, the Grizzlies can win 10 more points in 100 rounds. His contract will expire this summer, and his salary this season is 11.4 million dollars. His new contract will undoubtedly be larger.

Malik Bisley

Another player who is always confident in shooting, his shooting accuracy is certainly better than Dillon, but his defense is far less than the Grizzlies flank. Besley has made a steady contribution to the Jazz with excellent depth, and is the player who has made the most three points from the bench this season. The Jazz holds the team option of $16.5 million for Besley next season. The defender said in an interview that he hoped the team would implement this option.

Quasi-Free Player with Falling Value

Harrison Barnes

The king is making great progress. Barnes is another matter. His average score of 14.5 points per game is the lowest since the 2019-20 season, and his three-point shooting rate of 33.9% is the lowest in his career. For him, who will be free this summer, this downturn is not the right time. This season, his annual salary is 18.35 million dollars. I hope that 30 points of magic can be the beginning of his recovery.

Reggie Jackson

Considering the recent struggles of the speedboat, whether Reggie will finish the season in Los Angeles has become a mystery. His recent performance is really bad. In the recent six consecutive defeats, Jackson averaged 5.7 points per game, with a shooting rate of 30.2%, and even lost his starting position in the recent war, playing only 7 minutes and 40 seconds on the court. This summer, Jackson will become an unrestricted free agent. He will still attract the interest of teams that need point guards, but it seems difficult to sign a big contract.

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