Kluyvit: The arrival of Ronaldo is a bonus to the Saudi League, which will attract more players and fill up

Ronaldo joined the Saudi team Al-Nassr FC Victory in the winter window of this season. Crujvit, who played in Barcelona, said in an interview that Ronaldo’s joining the Saudi League is a positive signal for local football, because he will attract more world-class players to come here.

In an interview with SBC’s Saudi sports program, Crujwitt said: “Portuguese star Ronaldo is considered to be one of the best players in history, as well as Argentine player Messi. The arrival of Ronaldo is a great and unique addition to the Saudi League. Of course, the presence of such a valuable player here will also attract many other world-class players to the Saudi League.”

The former Dutch international continued: “Saudi football is developing rapidly. There are many famous players in the Saudi League, and their competitive level is also developing rapidly. Ronaldo’s arrival in the Saudi League also proves that he also likes the football there. His presence here is a great and unique supplement, which proves that the European League will no longer monopolize star players.”

According to the head coach of Al-Nassr FC, Ronaldo’s debut will be the match against Paris Saint Germain on January 20.

(Hu Pu)

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