Cristiano Ronaldo’s 13th Golden Ball trophy auction, Israel’s richest man made a bold move, and the fans gave it to Ribery frankly, which was unexpected

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most outstanding players in the era of unparalleled double pride, has won the Golden Globe five times, but a trophy of the Portuguese international was sold to Israel’s richest man in the 2017 charity auction. Ronaldo has won the Golden Ball Award, the highest personal award, five times, the first time in 2008, when he was still in the United lineup, four of which were Real Madrid players. The Golden Globe Awards in 2013 was a fierce competition, and Portuguese stars Lionel Messi and Frank Ribery won the award after surpassing them.

After the auction ceremony, Ronaldo chose to donate the prize to charity, and finally the trophy was collected by Israel’s richest man at the price of 600000 euros. According to reports, Ronaldo specifically requested that the additional trophy of his 2013 Golden Globe Award be auctioned for charity, and the real prize is still on display in his museum in Madeira Island. 600000 yuan was donated directly to children’s charity, which provides help to children affected by major diseases. Many other items were also auctioned at the London event. This included a meeting with Manchester City coach Guardiola and Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho at the time. The price was 30000 euros.

Orfer is the trophy buyer of Ronaldo. He owns the shares of two football clubs and invested in Atletico Madrid in 2017. Later, he took over as the majority shareholder of the Portuguese team Famarica. Ronaldo himself did not attend the auction. Jorge Mendes, his agent at the time, handed the prize to Orfield. Ronaldo won the Golden Ball in 2013. He scored 55 goals in the match in Real Madrid the previous season, but the final championship trophy was empty. Bayern Munich won the Champions League and Barcelona won the league championship.

Ribery was a member of the Bayern team. Bayern conquered all the trophies they had, but Ribery did not win the prize in the end. After missing the award, Ribery said he was very upset. “I’m not sad, but it hurts me,” Ribery said. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud to have been there. I think I deserve the title. But there are too many other things in it. A year later, Ronaldo won his third Golden Ball Award. After winning the European championship in 2016 and 2017, the fourth and fifth were followed closely. Although the club teammate Luca Modric entered the World Cup finals in 2018 as a dark horse in Croatia and fought in the Champions League Victory Wupu, this still cannot prevent Ronaldo from winning the final award.

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