James Durant is expected to join forces? An NBA executive: It’s possible. It’s crazy

Source: CCTV

Because the Lakers’ record has not improved much this season, and the team has many problems. In the absence of reinforcement by the management, many NBA insiders believe that LeBron James may leave the team sooner or later. Recently, there are more and more rumors about LeBron’s transfer.

A Western executive said in an interview that James might be interested in joining the Nets to cooperate with Durant. “They have never been close friends, but they have always respected each other.” The executive said that Owen and Simmons could become trading chips.

Some media also analyzed that according to the existing labor agreement, the Nets may have to pay more than one player to replace LeBron, such as Simmons+Sharp+Thomas, but whether the Lakers are willing to accept it is unknown.

(Source: CCTV)

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