as the New Year begins, let us also start a new life! Messi scored in the first game after the World Cup, and the number of goals scored by five major league clubs equalled that of Ronaldo

In the early morning of January 12, Beijing time, Messi completed his first match after the World Cup and scored his first goal in 2023. In the 18th round of the match against Anger, the “deputy squad leader”, Paris won 2-0, and Messi scored a goal to lock the winner. This is Messi’s first game in 2023, and also his first goal in his new year’s first game since 2019. After the Grand Paris match, Messi’s return and goal were also celebrated through official messages. The contract between the two sides will expire this summer. Whether to renew the contract will become the top priority between Grand Paris and Messi in 2023.

After the World Cup, Messi returned to Argentina for a leisurely holiday. This game was his first game back to Paris. The club did not hold a celebration ceremony at home to welcome him back. However, when the live announcer broadcast the player list before the game, the fans had already sent the warmest cheers and applause to pay tribute and welcome to the new world champion. In the view of the coach of Greater Paris, Gartier, The action of the fans warmed Messi’s heart. Finally, Messi opened his journey in 2023 with a goal. After the game, he posted a photo of the game on his personal social platform to record the new start. He also won the highest score of the whole team.

Mujerai, who helped Messi, said in an interview that having a happy Messi is very important for the Great Barry, “I am very happy to assist Messi, especially when he just returned from the World Cup. I can feel that he is very happy. He has been in such a state before the World Cup, and now he is more happy to win the World Cup. I hope he can continue to show such performance, because it will bring us great help before the end of the season.”

This goal is the 696th goal Messi has scored in various competitions on behalf of five major league clubs, which has equalled Ronaldo in this figure. According to Gartier’s description, Messi was in good physical condition and light movement during the training after returning to the team. It is obvious that Messi still managed his body and state strictly during the holiday. Although Gartier told Messi to pay attention to his physical and physical condition at any time during the game, he still played the whole game. “He feels very good. It is very important for him to play in a short time after returning to the team. It is also important for our team to find Messi again at the core of the game. His ability to play the whole game makes everything more wonderful.”

Gallier admitted that the team’s appearance is different with Messi and without Messi. With the halo of the World Cup champion, he returned to the Grand Barrie and scored the first goal in the New Year after four years. Messi’s 2023 is a smooth start. As for the Greater Bali, how to promote the renewal of the contract with Messi has become one of the current priorities.

By Wang Fan, Beiqing Sports

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