Count the players who can improve their ability by drinking. Remember Rooney the devil who fought with Ronaldo

We all know that smoking and drinking are taboos for professional football players. Legendary players like Messi and Ronaldo are not addicted to alcohol, but some players are in the opposite direction. For them, drinking is the best energy supplement. After all, alcohol is different from person to person. For Ronaldo, drinking will ruin their career, but for Brozovic, Gerrard and Rooney, Drinking can improve their combat effectiveness.

The Croatian midfielder Brozovic of Qatar World Cup performed very well, especially in the 120-minute bitter fight with Japan, where Brozovic ran 16 kilometers, making him the player with the longest running distance in a single game of the World Cup. At the same time, Brozovic is also the core of Croatia’s attack and defense transformation. He is more important on the pitch than Modric. I thought he would be a very self-disciplined player, but Brozovic likes to drink at ordinary times. He can not drink water, but he can not drink!

The Manchester United legend Rooney has always had a super talent. Although he retired before the age of 35, Rooney’s drinking capacity was amazing during his service at Manchester United. From time to time, the British tabloid newspaper can see Rooney singing and dancing in the bar. Although Ferguson issued a prohibition on him, Rooney, who is addicted to alcohol, has no energy if he does not have alcohol, just like Popeye can’t eat spinach.

Speaking of Rooney’s drinking friends, I have to mention Liverpool’s famous Steven Gerrard. In 2008, he was also involved in a fight because of drinking. Steven Gerrard usually likes to drink a few drinks, but his desire for wine is not as crazy as Rooney. Rooney and Gerrard retired as coaches. Drinking has no scruples.

In world football, there are also many football stars who like drinking,

For example, the naturalized international Luo Guofu and many Brazilian stars,

Adriano of the former Inter King

Ronaldinho, the fairy prince of Barcelona,

At the same time, Daluo also likes drinking very much. Some netizens said that if they didn’t drink, their career would be longer.

However, the post-80s sports experts do not agree with this view. Sometimes drinking is a stimulant. For some players, drinking is like replenishing energy. It is like how to play beautiful offensive and defensive moves without drinking. Drinking is relative, can you adapt to the role of alcohol, and whether alcohol is negative or positive for you, only you know. So Rooney, Gerrard and Brozovic from another perspective, drinking is their ability supplement!

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