Defensive difficulty is extremely high! The US media selected the top ten players in the NBA who are the most difficult to defend: Rockets Harden is the bottom! Fresh out of furnace

There are many players with strong offensive ability in the NBA, and it is very difficult to defend them. Among them, some players are particularly difficult to defend. The American media selected the most difficult players to defend through the performance of different players in different periods of their career. This article will show you which players are on the list.

Tenth: Harden in the Rocket Age

After joining the Rockets, Harden’s playing style has changed a lot, and his body shape has also changed a lot. He is strong and does not lose speed. His explosive force is still excellent. In addition to his excellent sports ability, Harden’s technology is also more excellent and very delicate.

Harden’s breakthrough rhythm is excellent, short, fast changing direction, stable center of gravity and very accurate when taking a step to shoot. Harden’s breakthrough angle is sharp, and when facing the defensive players under the basket, he uses European steps to pass the opponent, and the ending efficiency is very high. In addition, Harden’s passing skills are also very strong, and can connect his teammates. His strong foul making ability makes many defensive players helpless. Harden in the Rockets era, Eligible to be included in this list.

Ninth: Nowitzki in the calf period

After being traded by the Mavericks, Nowitzki has been playing for the Mavericks, from a young boy to a team leader. Under his leadership, the Mavericks won the first championship trophy in the history of the team. Nowitzki won the FMVP and won people’s respect.

In 2011, Nowitzki had a comprehensive ability and a sharp attack. Although he was tall, he moved very freely and quickly. Like a small forward, his shooting was very accurate. His signature action was “golden rooster independence”, which made it very difficult for opponents to interfere with him. On the penalty line, Nowitzki also had a strong ability to seize opportunities. Nowitzki, who led the team to win the championship, was very terrible.

Eighth: Olajuwon in the Rocket Era

Olajuwon has excellent talent and strong ability. After joining the Rockets as the number one talent, he became the backbone of the Rockets and led the team to forge ahead. During the war, Olajuwon’s ability became stronger and stronger, and he became a superstar with both offensive and defensive abilities.

Olajuwon’s offensive ability is very strong. “Fantastic Footstep” makes every center very nervous. Many players have become the background of Olajuwon. Many teams have taken the bag to defend Olajuwon. But Olajuwon, who has a strong ability to play, can still use the ball to crack it. It is impossible to let Olajuwon not score.

Seventh: Durant in the Thunder Period

Not long after Durant was selected by Sonics, Sonics became Thunder and Durant became a Thunder player. During this period, Durant’s personal ability has been greatly improved, and his performance has become more excellent, and he has become a headache for defensive players.

Durant in the Thunder period made a great breakthrough. He can pass the opponent and hit the basket in one step, which has a great impact on the defense. His shooting ability is even stronger. No matter which player he faces, Durant can score the ball, and the shooting rate is also very high. Durant’s talent and technology in the Thunder period are at the peak. Durant also won MVP and other awards, proving his strength.

Sixth: Jabbar in the stag period

Jabbar is gifted and skilled. When he was selected by the Bucks to enter the NBA stage, Jabbar’s personal ability was very strong. With his help, the Bucks changed from a strong team to a championship team and successfully won the championship.

Jabbar in the stag period was very strong in sports ability, physical strength, talent and technology. From scoring to defense, to passing, Jabbar had excellent performance, supporting the stag’s attack and defense system. After that, although Jabbar was still very difficult to defend, his Tiangou was still very sharp, but due to the gradual decline of his physical function, Jabbar could not continue to fully open fire, Like the Bucks, Jabbar went all out. Many of his career highs were also set by the Bucks.

Fifth: Kobe Bryant during the Lakers

Kobe Bryant was still young when he joined the Lakers. Although the potential is very great, the technology still needs to be honed, and there is still a lot of room for improvement. After many years of hard work, Kobe’s strength has become stronger, from a star to a superstar in the league.

After Shaquille O’Neal left the team, Kobe became the leader of the team. At this time, although his physical function was not as good as before, his skills, experience and team leading ability were the peak of his career. His ability to analyze the game and determine the outcome of the game was stronger, his defense analysis was more profound, and his performance was more brilliant at the critical moment. Under the leadership of Kobe Bryant, the Lakers won two championships.

Fourth: James in the Knight Period

James joined the Cavaliers as a high school student in 2003 and became the hope of the team. Under his leadership, the strength of the Cavaliers has been greatly improved, but he failed to lead the team to win the championship. In order to win the championship as soon as possible, James left his hometown.

After the Heat led the team to win the championship, James returned to the Cavaliers in 15 years. At this time, James can be said to have no major shortcomings. Face frame attack, back singles, mid-distance shooting, all have strong lethality, and the organization and defense ability are still excellent. It is really very difficult to defend James who is not in abnormal condition. It is under the leadership of James, the Cavaliers completed the 1-3 reversal, He led the team to win the first championship in team history.

Third: Jordan in the Bull Period

Jordan joined the Bulls in 1984. At the beginning of his career, Jordan showed his super scoring ability and became a super scorer. After continuous setbacks, Jordan evolved and became an excellent team leader. How to defend Jordan in this period has become a problem for every team.

Jordan’s scoring ability is very strong. When his opponent can’t defend, he will use the trap, but it can’t be defeated by Jordan. He can use the pass to let his teammates have the chance to score, so that the team’s attack can continue. At the critical moment, Jordan will come forward, play a bright attack, and put the ball in. Under Jordan’s leadership, the Bulls won six championships.

Second: Chamberlain in the period of 76 people

Chamberlain is a sports genius once in a hundred years, and has good basketball skills. Combining the two, Chamberlain has become a very scary monster on the basketball court, and has set too many incredible records.

Chamberlain started his NBA career in 76 people. During this period, Chamberlain had inexhaustible energy and exerted himself every night. In the counter-attack, other people could not catch up with him and fall into the field war. Chamberlain also had a strong shooting ability. It was impossible to defend Chamberlain in this period, and only to limit his exertion. Chamberlain’s record of 100 points per game, It was created during the period of 76 people.

First: Shaquille O’Neal during the Lakers

O’Neill is strong and heavy, but he has fast speed, high jump, strong explosive force, and is also very flexible. He has made many contributions to the front and back, holding the ball and slam. Therefore, O’Neill is also known as “flexible dead fat”.

In the Lakers’ era, O’Neill was particularly bulky and destructive under the basket. He was always able to grab a deep position, take the ball and attack. Although his feet were not very gorgeous, they were clean and oppressive. When he grabbed the position, he could put the ball into the basket with a single hook. All kinds of slam dunks, O’Neill also contributed too much. In the peak period, O’Neill was really difficult to defend, and had to use two players to defend, To limit O’Neill’s performance.

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