Yang Yi said: China has more talented players than Watanabe, but they will not go to the NBA

With Zhou Qi leaving the NBA, the number of Chinese players in the NBA has been zero. Zeng Fanbo’s appearance this summer gave Chinese fans some surprises, but Zeng Fanbo was not selected in the NBA. However, what makes Chinese fans more worried is that there are still some Asian players in the NBA, such as Masato Watanabe from Japan, who is not so talented, but has a firm foothold in the NBA. Chinese players are stronger than him but cannot enter the NBA. In view of this situation, well-known commentator Yang Yi also expressed his own opinion.


Yang Yi said in a program that our top players are actually more talented than Watanabe Xiongtai in terms of talent, but if they have a very stable position in the country and have a very stable income, they will not go to the NBA for a precarious contract, because they may be dismissed within a year, and no one can guarantee that the Chinese players who impact the NBA will get a stable income, In addition, the 10-day contract signed in the NBA is 100000 US dollars, and the official contract is 300000 US dollars, which is less than 2 million yuan, and the income is less than that in China.


Yang Yi said that if Chinese players in China attack the NBA like Xiongtai Watanabe, it is less money and more things away from home. Yang Yi said that although fans and commentators all hope that Chinese players can attack the NBA, but standing in our position is not a pain in the back, and all dreams are empty words. This is the life of others. We can’t calculate the annual expenditure like the parties, and we can’t put ourselves in other people’s shoes, But everyone has to live for themselves, which is why in this era, no one in China is going to attack the NBA like Xiongtai Watanabe.


What Yang Yi said is still very reasonable. After all, it seems easy to impact the NBA. But from Zeng Fanbo’s preparation for the draft, we can see that there are many things to pay, even more than the cost. No one will return to the NBA for an unrealistic dream after getting a stable job. This is an unrealistic thing. Of course, can we really find a lot of people in China who are much more talented than Xiongtai Watanabe? In fact, this is not realistic. Look at Zhang Zhenlin, who has a strong talent, and he can’t get a place in the NBA even if he tries hard. Let alone others.


The current Chinese basketball industry has the ability to challenge the NBA players. Maybe one finger is not enough. In fact, our talent is also out of gear. Don’t think that Watanabe is not good at playing well in Asia. In fact, Watanabe is also one in a hundred. How many players like Watanabe can be found in the whole China? In fact, we can’t find a few players at all. I’m afraid there are also players at the level of Zeng Fanbo who failed to win the NBA draft, so it’s really difficult to find a domestic player with talent like Watanabe.


Of course, no matter what you say, it is an indisputable fact that it is difficult for Chinese players to impact the NBA. I’m afraid it is really difficult for us to find a domestic player to impact the NBA in a short time. It is really difficult.

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