Top 10 in NBA total salary history! Curry is the third, Durant is 512 million, and the first is really the most suspenseful

The super top salary of the NBA league will continue to increase every season, and with inflation and the explosive growth of the NBA salary cap, the super top salary of the current superstar can easily top the total salary of the previous superstar’s entire career. For example, during the off-season period last year, Yokichi renewed his contract ahead of schedule for five years at US $270 million, Devonbuck and Downes renewed their contract ahead of schedule for four years at US $224 million, Bill got a big contract for five years at US $251 million, Lavin got a big contract for five years at US $215 million, and Lillard renewed the contract ahead of schedule for two years at US $122 million. Top 10 in NBA total salary history! Curry is the third, Durant is 512 million, and James is the number?


10th place: Chris Paul (US $375 million)

Although Paul did not win the NBA championship, as the chairman of the players’ union, Paul never reduced his salary in his NBA career. Therefore, Paul’s total career salary was as high as 375 million US dollars, just the 10th place in history. In addition, Paul and the Suns have a four-year contract of 120 million dollars. In addition to this season, there are still 60 million dollars in the next two years. Can the Suns still win the championship? Is Paul going to lose his career?


Ninth place: Enbide (US $376 million)

Although the current star of the 76ers was reimbursed for two consecutive seasons in the early part of his career, Enbide still got two top salary contracts. Moreover, Enbide’s strength is worthy of super top salary. In the past two seasons, Enbide has only ranked second in the final MVP list, losing to Jokic. This shows that Enbide is at least one of the top five players in the league, and he deserves a big contract.


Eighth place: Devon Booker: 392 million US dollars

Devon Booker has also been winning a super top salary contract with the Suns. It is worth mentioning that Devon Booker renewed his contract with top salary two years ahead of schedule ($224 million for four years). In the next six seasons, Devon Booker’s total salary will be as high as $295 million. The future of the Suns must be built around Devonbuck. This season, when Devonbucker played, the team had a record of 18-10. When Devonbucker was absent, the Suns had a record of 2-11. The Suns can’t compete for the championship without Devonbuck.


7th place: Downes $408 million

The first contract of Downes was the top pick contract, the second contract was the top salary, and the third contract was $224 million, which was renewed two years in advance. The extra money that Downs gave to Devonbucker was the price difference of the first contract. However, Downes’s highest honor in his career: he only entered the third team. Devon Booker has at least entered the first team of the year. Although Devon Booker and Downes are a little far away from the MVP, they feel that Devon Booker is stronger in terms of their team strength.


Sixth place: Yokiki $421 million

Yokic was the second round show in 2014 (41st). He was the most outstanding second round show in NBA history, from the second round show to the super MVP superstar, and he was the second MVP in a row. This season, Yokic averaged 25 points+10.8 rebounds+9.7 assists+1.4 steals+0.6 blocks per game, which is close to the average of three doubles per game, and is ready to hit the third MVP. It is worth mentioning that the Nuggets have the first record in the West this season, and the high level data list, as well as Yokic’s efficiency value and victory contribution value, are the first in the league, which is extremely frightening.


Fifth place: Bill 431 million US dollars

Bill, the Wizards’ leading player, is a very smart player. Once, Wall and Bill were the backcourt twins of the Wizards. However, after many serious injuries, Wall lost his peak strength. Now Bill has become the leading star of the Wizards. Bill was able to get the top salary of US $251 million in five years. The main reason was that he was willing to stay in the team and gave up the chance to join other teams to win the championship. In the Wizards, Bill has enough money, which is the most reliable. If he goes to other teams and competes with other stars for the championship, he may lose his money and money.


Fourth place: Lilad 452 million US dollars

Lillard’s NBA career is also enviable. One man, one city, and the super top salary is soft. As long as the team owner offers a big contract, Lillard and Bill will not leave their parent team. Lillard’s last top salary was $198 million for four years, and there are still two years left. Then, during the off-season period, the Trailblazer will give Lillard a maximum salary of $122 million for two years and renew the contract in advance, with an annual salary of more than $60 million. What is the concept? At present, the highest annual salary record in NBA history.


Third place: US $473 million

After Stephen Curry’s rookie contract, he renewed his contract for four years to $44 million (which is equal to the price of cabbage). It is because of the price of cabbage contract of Curry that the Warriors can get Durant, form a super team, and win two championships. Now, as compensation, the Warriors’ management has given Curry two top salaries: $201 million in five years (the first one has ended) and $215 million in four years (the second one has just started).


Second place: Durant 512 million US dollars

Kevin Durant and Curry are both 34 years old. Durant’s current top salary contract is $198 million for four years. This contract has just started this season. This shows that Durant and Curry should sign another pension contract at the age of 37. At that time, if Durant and Curry still maintain their peak strength, they still have a chance to sign another big contract.


First place: James 532 million US dollars

LeBron James started his career in 2003, and he is the oldest player in the active league. James and the Lakers completed the price of $98 million for a two-year contract extension in the off-season last year. Therefore, James’s total career salary is 532 million dollars, the first in history. Now James’s contract will be played until he is 40 years old. If Zhan still plays in the NBA after the age of 40, he can still continue to sign the contract. I don’t know what kind of data and strength will Zhan have at the age of 40?

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