Messi > C Luo! Messi’s 832 games and 696 goals in the five major leagues equalled Ronaldo’s 87 games less than expected

Messi and Ronaldo are called“Peerless pride”The two have dominated football for more than ten years, of which Messi won the Golden Ball Award seven times and Ronaldo won the Golden Ball Award five times. In 2022, many fans said that Merlot’s fight was over. Messi led Argentina to win the World Cup. Ronaldo has scored 0 goals in the World Cup knockout, and left the five major European leagues for the Saudi League. Messi’s number of goals in the five major leagues is still increasing, and has equalled Ronaldo, with higher efficiency.

In the early morning of January 12, Beijing time, in the 18th round of the French league, Messi’s World Cup ushered in the first club match. Paris won 2-0 against Anger, and Messi scored one goal, raising his five league goals to 696, equalling Ronaldo’s five league goals.

Goal data of Mero’s five major leagues:

Messi (35): 696 goals in 832 games, 1 goal every 98 minutes!

Ronaldo (37): 696 goals in 919 games, 1 goal every 109 minutes!

Messi is really a player at the top of the game. He not only needs to compete with others for assists, but also needs to compete with others for goals. Needless to say, Messi is a top scorer in the five leagues. Now Messi has also equalled Ronaldo in the number of goals in the five leagues, and is more efficient. This means that Messi’s scoring ability is also higher than Ronaldo, and Messi’s comprehensiveness is indeed higher than Ronaldo. Perhaps this is the gap between the top player and the superstar!

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