Luo donated the replica of the 2013 Golden Globe Award to charity! Deal with 600000 euros

Ronaldo’s donation of the Golden Globe trophy to charity has become the focus again.

The Mirror reported on the 12th that the Golden Globe trophy won by Ronaldo in 2013 was sold at a price of 600000 euros. Ronaldo auctioned his Golden Globe trophy at the charity auction in London in 2017. Ronaldo, who won the Golden Globe Award five times in total, donated the Valondo trophy won in 2013 and sold it to an Israeli rich man at the price of 600000 euros. The money from Luo’s donation was transferred to the children’s charity.

It is reported that the trophy donated by Luo to the charity auction is not genuine. It is reported that Ronaldo asked the French football team in charge of the Golden Globe for the donated copies. Ronaldo gave the copies of the Golden Globe trophy to charity in 2013. It is reported that the authentic Golden Globe Award that Ronaldo won in 2013 was exhibited in the museum of his hometown Madeira.

Ronaldo is the second most awarded Golden Globe in history after Messi, but in the past 2017, he won the prize for the last time. Ronaldo held the entrance ceremony of Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia) on the 4th, and he will shift the active stage from Europe to the Middle East. It is speculated that Ronaldo will play Al Nasir in the 2022-22 Saudi Arabia Professional League home game on the 22nd.

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