If we put all the top picks in the NBA after the new century together, who should be the top five? All right?

The quality of NBA’s top talent shows after the new century is really good, and many of them have become historical superstars. Most of them are veteran soldiers who have fought for many years and have made great achievements in the alliance. Like rising stars Zion, Edwards and Aton, they all performed well and are expected to become historical stars in the future. If we put the 20 top picks of the NBA in the new century together, according to the honor and strength, who should be the top five?


  5 – Yao Ming

Yao Ming is also affected by career injuries. This is not because he is fragile. He is exhausted by too many games. He has made more than 80 appearances in the first three years of his career, which is rare in history. The low position attack is invincible, the frame protection effect is good, and the cooperative defense is also excellent, and the peak Yao Ming is also considered as an integrated attack and defense. Five best lineups and eight all-star in eight years of career, which is the embodiment of hard power.


  4 – Rose

The peak Ross is really strong. His breakthrough is basically unsolvable. If he doesn’t wrap up, he can only score at present. However, the peak of his career was too short. To be exact, it was about three seasons, and then it was a visible decline. His career is high and low, and he is also an early substitute. However, Rose has MVP, three All-Star, and one Best Team, which is still a good achievement as a champion. If he can be healthy, he is fully expected to compete for the strongest champion in history.


  3 – Davis

Davis, known as “Little Duncan”, lived up to the expectations of the public, and he also showed his worth. All the year round, there are 20+10+2 data, and the attack and defense are integrated, and the efficiency is high. Especially in the small ball era, he is the perfect 45. 4 times for a while, 2 times for a defense, 3 times for block shots, 8 times for all stars, and 1 championship. Davies is in the age of playing. He can mainly overcome injuries. He can also play at the level of MVP.


  2 – Howard

Only now Howard is really ordinary, but in terms of his comprehensive career, he deserves such a high level. Howard was a “Warcraft” when he was young, and his killing power under the basket was really comparable to that of O’Neill. One championship, five bursts, four first defense, three DPOY, five rebounds, two block shots, and eight all-stars. Young Howard is the strongest center in the league. If it wasn’t for Kobe, there would probably be FMVP.


  1 – James

At the age of 38, James is still at the peak. He is worthy of being “the son of God”. James won 4 titles+4 FMVP+4 MVP, which is the highest among all the top winners in the new century. The only “311” miracle in history, whose score is about to exceed that of Jabbar, is too comprehensive. Whether it’s honor, dominance or data, James has reached the extreme. He has the qualification to compete with Jordan as the first person in history!


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