696th ball! Messi equalled Ronaldo, played 87 fewer games, and broke the record overnight: full of goods for 19 consecutive years

  2-0! Paris Saint-Germain defeated the bottom team Anger at home, locking the first half of the French league championship of this season ahead of schedule. Argentine superstar Messi made his debut in 2023, scoring one goal in the whole game, achieving the feat of scoring goals for 19 consecutive years. At the same time, the number of goals in the five major leagues equalled Ronaldo, breaking four records overnight.


This game is Messi’s first game in the new year and also his first show to win the World Cup championship, so it has attracted much attention. Last season, Messi was absent from the home and away match against Anger in Paris, so this will be the first time Messi played against Anger in his career.

After returning to Paris a few days ago, the club held a simple welcome ceremony for Messi at the training base. At that time, the team mates lined up for Messi. At present, there is no World Cup championship celebration ceremony for Messi in Paris, which is also related to France’s loss to Argentina in the World Cup final. I don’t want to be booed and discontented by the Paris fans on the spot.



In the face of Anger, Messi made the first appearance and took the position of front waist, with Neymar and Ekitic at the top. Only five minutes after the opening, Ikitik made a fantastic start for Paris. The goal came from Messi’s instigation of attack. In the second half of the second half, when the pressure on the central and back court defense in Paris was increasing, Messi stood up to change the trend of the game, and received the assistance of Mukille to easily finish the goal.


This goal is Messi’s first goal in 2023, and also a feat to achieve goals in 19 consecutive natural years since 2005. In addition, Anger was Messi’s 95th opponent’s goal in the club’s career. Last season, Paris played Anger twice in the French league, and Messi was absent.


According to statistics, Messi scored the 696th goal in the five major leagues, officially equalling Ronaldo. However, Messi played 87 games less, that is, an average of 98 minutes per goal, and Ronaldo’s efficiency was 109 minutes per goal. With Cristiano Ronaldo playing in the Saudi League, Messi can continue to expand his leading edge while completing the surmounting.

At present, Messi’s club career is 4 goals short of 700 goals and 6 goals short of 800 goals. This season should be able to achieve breakthrough.

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