Bey 31 points Bogdanovic 27 points Piston ends the four consecutive wins of the Timberwolves hard core recommendation

On January 12, Beijing time, the Pistons beat the Timberwolves 135-118 in the NBA regular season. The Pistons ended three consecutive defeats and the Timberwolves ended four consecutive wins.

Pistons (12-33): Sadik Bey 31 points and 6 rebounds, Boyan 27 points and 6 rebounds and 4 assists, Ivy 18 points and 4 rebounds and 8 assists, Hayes 18 points and 9 assists, Diallo 18 points and 5 rebounds, and Berks 13 points and 5 assists.

The Timberwolves (20-22): Edwards has 20 points and 6 assists, Russell has 19 points and 5 assists, Albert has 16 points and 14 rebounds, and Mike Daniels has 11 points and 4 assists.

In the first quarter of the game, the Timberwolves started 10-0, and the Pistons later caught up with the score. In the second quarter of the game, the Pistons completed the counter-superpass and led the Timberwolves by 1 point at the end of the half. In the third quarter of the game, the Pistons continued to fight back, increasing the difference to two figures. In the last game, the score difference came to more than 20 minutes, and the Timberwolves were unable to chase. The final Pistons 135-118 beat the Timberwolves.


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