Messi’s return to Paris scored his first goal in the five major leagues and equalled the number of goals of Ronaldo. Don’t tell anyone

Original title: Messi’s first goal in his return to Paris

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Messi returned to Paris and the goal followed.

In the morning of Beijing time on the 12th, in the 18th round of the French league, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Anger 2-0 at home. Messi scored in the match, which was also his first official match after the World Cup final.

This game is the first time since Messi’s World Cup – Paris took the lead in the fifth minute, Mukille passed into the penalty area, and Ekitic scored. In the 72nd minute, Mukille crossed Messi diagonally, Messi pushed and shot the goal. The referee confirmed the goal was valid after VAR looked back.

In the 83rd minute, Messi picked up a pass and Neymar turned and volleyed the goal, but the referee indicated that offside was first, and the goal was invalid.

Messi was in good condition this game. According to ESPN statistics, Messi scored one goal twice, made three fouls and passed 54 times, 45 of which were successful.

Messi has scored 8 goals and 10 assists in 18 French league matches this season, directly participating in 18 goals. In 54 matches in various competitions since he joined Paris, Messi has scored 24 goals, assisted 28 times and directly participated in 52 goals.

After scoring this goal, Messi scored 696 goals in the five major leagues, equalling Ronaldo’s goal data.

Data from both sides – Messi scored 696 goals in 832 games, with an average of 98 minutes; Ronaldo scored 696 goals in 919 games, averaging 109 minutes.

Song Chengliang, a surging journalist

[Source: surging news]


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