Manchester United is a bit wrong! The famous Liverpool star bombarded Ronaldo: let Manchester United team-mates step back, Bell learned

After Ronaldo broke up with Manchester United, Manchester United’s morale rose and made great strides, winning eight consecutive victories.

On January 11, 2023, Liverpool star Barnes expressed his views on Manchester United in an interview with the media.

Barnes said: “Sancho is still not back. I hope to see Sancho have the opportunity to reshape the United career. I think Ronaldo has had a negative impact on the players before. Because of his presence and the impact he has brought, many United players have stepped back.”

He also said: “Now I am very happy that Rushford and Sancho will have the opportunity to re-express themselves.”

Before the Qatar World Cup, Ronaldo accepted an interview with Morgan and shelled United’s Rooney, Lonnick and Tenghag, causing the two to break up and go their separate ways.

On November 15, 2021, the Sun reported that the relationship between Ronaldo and several Manchester United team-mates broke down. Ronaldo and Maguire competed for the captain’s armband, which made them very unhappy.

Looking back on Ronaldo’s career, I have to lament that it is too difficult to be a teammate of Ronaldo.

On January 10, 2023, Bell retired. As a former teammate of Real Madrid, Ronaldo showed photos of his training on social media, but never wished Bell well.

This made the fans dissatisfied with Ronaldo’s action.

You know, when Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr FC Club, Bell was the first to send a message to bless him.

While Benzema won the Golden Globe Award in 2022, Ronaldo also did not express anything.

In an early interview with the media, Luo said that he was not a friend with Benzema and Bell, but a colleague.

It’s not hard to imagine what Bell’s mood would be like. How cold and sad is Bell?

Ronaldo has a bad relationship with his Manchester United team-mates and Real Madrid team-mates. How about his relationship with his Juventus team-mates?

Unfortunately, it is also bad.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport on May 12, 2021, the relationship between Ronaldo and Juventus team-mates dropped to the freezing point, and the former friendly team-mates also alienated him.

After Juventus lost to AC Milan, Ronaldo, Agnelli and Elkann visited the Ferrari factory and liked to pick up their cars.

The team-mates were surprised and dissatisfied with Luo’s behavior of collecting the car. After all, if the team loses and falls out of the top four, Ronaldo will mention Ferrari. Is it appropriate?

La Gazzetta dello Sport also pointed out that Ronaldo always had some personal itineraries that were inconsistent with the overall itinerary of Juve, and it happened more than once when Pirlo was the coach.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s self-indulgence has led to dissatisfaction among Juventus team-mates and senior management of the club. They hope Cristiano Ronaldo will leave as soon as possible.

Many fans think that Ronaldo is a bully, which doesn’t seem to come from nowhere.

Ronaldo and his team-mates from Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus are in conflict and have tense relations.

It is not nonsense that Ronaldo let his team-mates step back, the dressing room was not in harmony, and the team’s performance declined.

Actions speak louder than words.

Therefore, Manchester United’s eight consecutive victories after Ronaldo’s departure are very illustrative.

Rushford was suddenly enlightened and became the team’s top scorer with 13 goals. Anthony scored five goals. Cassemiro and Eriksson performed brilliantly. These are all things Ronaldo could not imagine when he was at Manchester United.

It has to be admitted that Manchester United started on the right track of revival after clearing Ronaldo.

How can Manchester United not love?

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