Boom 36+11+2! Enbide created a 77-year miracle, surpassed Chamberlain and became the first person in NBA history

In an NBA game that ended not long ago, 76 people beat the Pistons by 147-116. There was no suspense in this game. In the first half, 76 people established a 22-point lead. In the third quarter, 76 people still played against the Pistons, and the last quarter fell into garbage time. Like Enbid and Haden, they actually played within 30 minutes, but the two giants both played luxury data. Enbid scored 36 points, 11 rebounds and 2 blocks in 20, Haden made 16 points, 12 rebounds and 15 assists in 6 of 7.

In addition to their excellent performance, Enbide and Harden have also set records or ushered in milestones. First of all, according to the big data statistics of the NBA, Harden’s career assists (6672) have surpassed Kyle Lorry, and now it has risen to the 25th place in the history of assists, and then Kevin Johnson (6711). Secondly, 12 of Haden’s 15 assists were given to Enbide, creating a career record of the most assists for the same teammate in a single game! Third, Harden became the sixth player to complete the 24000 points+6000 assists milestone in NBA history. The top five players were James, Kobe, Robertson, Havlicheck and Jerry West.

Enbide has set an appalling record. So far this season, Enbide has averaged 11.6 free throws per game and hit rate of 85.8%. According to the big data statistics of the NBA, Enbide has become the only center with an average of 10+free throws per game and a hit rate of more than 85%. In the 77 years since the founding of the NBA, there has never been a second center who can achieve such an achievement, even Chamberlain, Russell, Jabbar Malone and O’Neill have not done it.

What’s more, in fact, Enbide has achieved this achievement in the 20-21 season. Unexpectedly, Enbide did it again in the 22-23 season. As for the 21-22 season, Enbide’s average free throws per game is enough, but the shooting rate is not up to standard. If we lower the standard, such as reducing the shooting rate from 85% to 80%, then in addition to Enbide, only Moses Malone in the entire NBA history has done it in the 84-85 season. It can be imagined how difficult this record was created by Enbide.

In an interview after the game, Enbide said that 76 people had achieved 5 wins and 1 losses in the past six games. He said, “If I can’t win the championship, whether I enter the first round, the second round or the division finals, it’s meaningless for me. You must win the final. This is our goal. Every day I’m trying to make this happen.”

It can be seen that Enbide’s goal is to win the championship. He does not accept defeat, and Enbide is full of confidence for this. At present, the situation of 76 people is not bad, with 25 wins and 15 losses, surpassing the Cavaliers to the fourth place in the East, only 1.0 wins behind the Bucks in front. If Enbide and Haden can always play this kind of performance in the next game, then the 76ers will undoubtedly be the top teams.

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