Controversy resurfaces! Manchester United star: Ronaldo is not the source of the problem. The Red Devils of Teng’s just temporarily performed well and exploded

It was supposed that the dispute would completely subside after Ronaldo left Manchester United, but the fact is not. There will always be some people who bring up the old story again on some occasions, including those with the title of Manchester United.

“I don’t think Ronaldo is the problem, because in the team, the problem can’t be a person’s problem,” Andy Cole, one of the “black wind and evil” of Manchester United, said in an interview with the media. “Some people think that after Ronaldo left Manchester United, the team is getting better and better. No, I don’t think so. Before he arrived, the team had problems. After leaving the team, the problems still exist. Although they are doing well now, it is not time to expose the problems. It is too easy to treat Ronaldo as a scapegoat.”

Gary Neville believes that Manchester United would be better without Ronaldo. As a former teammate, Andy Cole has a very different point of view. The two people should have a heated debate about whether Ronaldo is the problem of Manchester United.

Is Manchester United getting better after Ronaldo leaves? The answer to this question is easy to find. If Andy Cole denies it, it can only show that he is selective.

In fact, it is not that Ronaldo left Manchester United and the team became better and better, but that Manchester United began to show a good momentum after the arrival of Tenghage. After losing to Brighton and Brentford in the first two consecutive rounds, Tenghage made a decisive adjustment to the starting lineup. In addition to Ronaldo, Maguire, Mactominet and Fred have all won the starting lineup. The team immediately launched a strong rebound, and Manchester United always responded in time to every loss. After two consecutive defeats in the season, United of Tenghage have never tried to lose in a row.

The 3-6 defeat to Manchester City was very depressing, but United did not sink in this regard, but played a wave of 9 unbeaten games (7 wins and 2 draws). After losing 1-3 to Villa in the league, the official match won 8 consecutive games. The performance of Manchester United players has also been fully activated while their performance has improved. Rushford has scored six goals in a row, five zeros in the past six games, and eight zeros in the 17th round of the league, equaling the record of last season. These Andy Cole can’t see?

Under Tenghage, Manchester United did not let Ronaldo take the blame. On the contrary, Ronaldo is causing problems, which is incompatible with the overall trend of United. Manchester United defeated Tottenham 2-0, and Ronaldo refused to play as a substitute and left the team ahead of schedule, making headlines. Manchester United’s 2-1 reversal of Fulham, Ronaldo’s interview with Morgan’s video released, once again occupied the headlines. Manchester United’s victory seems to have nothing to do with him. What he cares about is whether he starts or not, and what he cares about is his performance.

However, Tenghage gave him enough performance time in the Europa League. He started all the six rounds of group matches and almost played the whole game. Before the interview video was released, Tenghage gave Ronaldo the chance to start four consecutive games, but how was his performance? Is it persuasive? Besides, there is no “pot” for Tenghage’s Manchester United to carry by Ronaldo, right? Isn’t it true that Ronaldo has been creating problems for Tenghag to deal with the media?

After Ronaldo left Manchester United, there were many fans waiting to see Tenghage’s jokes. To our surprise, as a famous Red Devil, Andy Cole should also have this mentality, which is a bit strange.

“Tenghage’s team just performs well now, and the problem has not been exposed.” Such remarks are actually the most irresponsible. Because such words can always be said that no matter how the team’s performance is, these people can always respond with such words. Good performance in one year, see how it will be in two years; It still performs well in two years. Look at three years later, five years later How dark is the inner experience of people who hold this view? They can’t see how good others are. They always hope that others will fail. Are they sure that their work is so difficult?

To tell the truth, after Luo left, there is no need to repeat these old things. Forget about the Jianghu. Ronaldo has found the largest contract in history, enjoyed enough respect in Saudi Arabia, and was happy. And the senior management of Manchester United are also fully supporting the reconstruction of Tenghage. No matter what the future is, this road must be taken, and what he is doing must be changed. That is enough.

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