The whole team had 15 points in the last quarter, and he scored 14 points alone. Fans: The earlier the former NBA star knows, the better

At the end of the game, the score was fixed at 90-84.

The Shanghai team beat the Jiangsu team without any danger.

However, although the Jiangsu team was the loser, it must be said that the Jiangsu team played very well.

In terms of the hard strength of the team, there is still a certain gap between them and the Shanghai team. In addition, several key players have not been able to play in this game due to physical reasons, which is a great “challenge” for the Jiangsu team in terms of personnel rotation.

In addition, the team’s small foreign aid Blackney is the biggest “dependence” on the offensive end of the Jiangsu team. This game was also “targeted” by the Shanghai team, making his play not very ideal.

The Shanghai team is also prepared to do so. Knowing how many key players in your Jiangsu team can’t play, you will be crazy to “trap” Blackney and force him to pass the ball to other local players and let them deal with it. These players will not have enough confidence in their own scores. In addition, the rotation of personnel is not enough today, and their physical fitness will also be greatly tested, and the hit rate is even more conceivable.

As long as the Shanghai team can successfully defend Blackney today, it will probably win the game.

This is what the Shanghai team did, and the trend of the game is generally the same.

However, in spite of this, the Jiangsu team and the Shanghai team remained deadlocked until the last minute.

It can be seen that today’s Jiangsu team is still working hard enough.

In addition, this season’s Jiangsu team coach Li Nan’s guidance has also improved. How can I not comment before? But this season, I can be very responsible to say that Li Nan’s guidance has “something”.

Just to say, the “response” on the spot can be called very timely.

That is, many times the situation on the field is suddenly out of control, or feel out of control. At this time, as the head coach on the field, we must make a difference.

Of course, this “act” does not mean that it is necessary to call a pause or change people. It is similar to reminding the team members loudly on the sidelines.

Never say nothing and continue to “pretend deep” on the sidelines.

The onlookers see clearly. The player is sometimes too involved on the field. He really doesn’t know what he did wrong or what to do next.

At this time, someone reminded me that maybe it would suddenly open up, and then it would be on the “right track”.

On this point, Li Nan did a good job in guiding this season.

Therefore, this can be a good proof that everyone has a “growth” process in their new jobs, but some people will grow faster and others will grow slower.

More importantly, as fans, we should also have a “developmental” view of the problem, and should not be “qualitative” because a player or a coach has made mistakes in previous games.

Because as long as they are willing to work hard, no one can decide their future.

Both Li Nan and Zhou Qi have proved this point.

I am happy for both of them, but also for the whole Chinese men’s basketball team.

China’s basketball, no matter what the low point it has experienced, still has a continuous “fire”, which may be the “men’s basketball spirit”.

Let’s talk about the winning Shanghai team.

The team’s greatest contribution is “little foreign aid” Bradso.

The whole game played for 25 minutes, making 8 of 17 shots at the offensive end, and obtained the comprehensive data of 27 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists.

The most important thing is that in the fourth quarter, the whole team of Shanghai team only got 15 points, while he contributed 14 points alone.

Such a score proportion, but also such a crucial fourth quarter.

To borrow the words of fans: This is the former NBA star you often say

In fact, there should be no doubt about Bradso’s personal ability. After all, he still has the strength to get an NBA contract. This is fundamentally different from Cook, who was just “laid off” by the Guangxia team. Cook is completely in the light of the Warriors system, His personal strength is not enough to bear the burden of “small foreign aid” of a team, let alone Guangxia team, which wants to make a difference in the playoffs, or even to compete for the championship.

However, the reason why Bradso didn’t perform as expected after he came to the league is mostly related to his “attitude”.

As we said earlier, Bradshaw still has the strength to get the NBA contract, so coming to the Shanghai team can only be regarded as his “expedient”. From his personal point of view, he did not regard this place as a real “shelter”, but just wanted to make some money to subsidize his family before finding the NBA contract.

Anyway, being idle is also being idle.

Therefore, in some games, Bradso is very “taboo” to break through with the ball, just blindly make some long-range shots, because too much physical contact will increase the possibility of injury. Now his body is his biggest “capital”, and also his biggest “capital” to return to the NBA.

However, for the game itself, no matter how strong a player’s ability is and how single the attack method is, it will not have a very good effect. Moreover, shooting is very necessary for “hand feeling”, and this thing does not depend on human will.

A good hand feeling may be unstoppable, and a bad hand feeling is helpless.

Seeing such a situation, from the perspective of the Shanghai team, it is definitely not willing. At least now you are a member of our team, and it took a lot of trouble to sign Bradso. The team that knows the cost of manpower and financial resources is also clear.

In addition, the results of the first stage of the Shanghai team were so bad. To put it bluntly, please ask Brad to come here to save your life.

If you don’t give awesome, the team’s efforts this season may be in vain.

As a Shanghai team that has invested so much in recent seasons, it is definitely not allowed to happen.

To say the least, even if Bradthor wants to return to the NBA, it is after the CBA season is over. If there is a chance, the Shanghai team will never stop you, but now you still need to do your best to help the team win.

This is the most basic “cooperation” premise.

I believe that in the middle of this, the Shanghai team should have made a thorough communication with Bradso. In the recent game, it is obvious that Bradso has changed the game style.

Take this game as an example. He started the game with him, but the effect was not good, because he has been using a very reluctant shot to attack.

Too superstitious about your personal ability.

When Li Chunjiang saw this situation, he replaced him with Merlot.

When Bradso is replaced at the next stage, it is obviously different. First, there is a personal breakthrough with the ball, and then see that teammates have the right opportunity to share the ball.

The situation of the Shanghai team on the court immediately changed.

Because Bradso is a guard, and most of the ball power of the Shanghai team is in his hands. To put it plainly, he is the “commander” on the field. As for him, he must be clear and not disorderly.

Although his personal ability is very strong, sometimes his hand is not smooth. At this time, he will pass the ball to his teammates more or change the way of attack, and then his hand will be adjusted back.

It can also be proved that Bradso, who was sitting off the court, also made a self-reflection. He knew that the team had a bad start, most of which were related to himself, and changed when he played again.

This is a good attitude

In fact, even though Bledso is not good at attacking all the time, he can still help the team. That is to use his defense. After all, he has entered the NBA’s best defensive team for two consecutive seasons. 2018-2019 is the best defensive team, and 2019-2020 is the best defensive team.

Such a resume, coupled with his own physical conditions, can still bring great help to the outside line of the Shanghai team as long as he is willing to participate in the defense.

Next, the Shanghai team should continue to communicate well with Bradso. His play is really important to the whole team.

That’s the same sentence. Anyway, first give him “good use” this season, and then slowly look at the rest

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