Griff: The truce in Neuer will weaken Bayern and will not allow any criticism of Ronaldo

On January 12 of the live broadcast bar, in an interview with German media sport1 a few days ago, Freiburg striker Griff talked about his feelings about the team’s ranking second in the Bundesliga championship and breaking Luca Toni’s goal record, and talked about how he regarded Ronaldinho and Ronaldinho as role models.

Sports1: You and Freiburg have always been at the top of the table before, but never ranked second in the table. How do you feel?

Griff: “It certainly makes people feel very good. But believe me, we will not talk about this second place in the team. We will talk more about how we want to continue and how we want to build on our best performance. We deserve this second place, but if we are stuck in this position and do not continue to work in the new year, it will bring nothing.”

Sport1: Only Bayern are ahead of you in the current championship, and Neuer will be absent for the rest of the season. Is this good for your team?

Griff: “Of course, Bayern would be more excellent if Noir kept the goal. So his absence would weaken Bayern, especially in terms of defense protection and attack organization. But this will not make Bayern collapse.”

Sport1: You scored the 39th goal in the Bundesliga two months ago, and replaced Luca Toni as the Italian who scored the most goals in the Bundesliga. Did you apologize to him?

Griff: “Yes, I did. When I scored the 38th goal, he congratulated me. I promised him that I would greet him with his celebration when I scored the 39th goal.”

“He only played for Bayern for two years and scored 38 goals in 60 games, which is incredible. I need more games. Luca Toni is a very likeable person and an excellent player. I am very proud to be the Italian who scored the most goals in the Bundesliga.”

Sports1: You have played 8 times for the Italian national team and scored 4 goals. What will it mean to wear a blue shirt as a German-Italian mixed player in the European Cup in Germany one and a half years later?

Griff: “I have always heard people say that they are of mixed German and Italian blood. I want to clarify: I only have an Italian passport. But I am certainly very proud and happy to grow up and go to school in Pforzheim. This is an indispensable part of my childhood. And it is certainly a big dream for me to participate in the European Cup with Italy in Germany in 2024.”

Sport1: Do you have any role models in football?

Griff: “Ronaldinho is my biggest role model. No matter who is playing, as long as Ronaldinho plays, I will pay attention to him. This person brings me pure enjoyment. I am also a loyal fan of Ronaldinho, because he has an incredible mentality.”

Sports1: Are you sorry for his transfer to Al-Nassr FC Victory?

Griff: “He is 37 years old this year. He has achieved everything and broke all kinds of records in Europe. It is no problem that he wants to do something crazy again. He and Messi have a deep impression on the football of the past ten years. I bow to Ronaldo. Any criticism of this idol is not allowed.”

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