Riyadh youth coach talked about Ronaldo: He needs to do things well to reach the level here

On January 12 of the live broadcast bar, Riyadh youth coach Vicente Moreno accepted an interview with the Maka newspaper recently. When talking about Ronaldo’s joining the Saudi League, he believed that the players would find many differences compared with his past.

After coaching in the Spanish League, Vicente Moreno came to Saudi Arabia to pick up the whip of Riyadh youth, where he was named the best coach in the Saudi League.

About winning this award

“This is a common thing, but everyone likes to be valued in their work. This is not the most important thing, but it is commendable. Di Stefano said that I am not worthy, but I won, which shows that he left ‘great words’ in addition to being a player.”

About Ronaldo’s arrival in Saudi Arabia

“You will find many differences from your habits. Obviously, there are differences in culture (I don’t mean good or bad), but it is difficult to adapt at first. Obviously, here is not like a league like La Liga or the Premier League, but here will require you to do the right thing. Ronaldo needs to do things well to reach the level here.”

About my coaching career

“Whether it’s personal or professional, this is a life experience. This is my first time to work outside Spain. The most important thing is that you will notice it in difficulties, and you must go out of your comfort zone to grow. Of course, when this experience is over, as a coach and as a person, I will have a lot to improve.”

About paying close attention to La Liga

“La Liga is very popular here. I will pay attention to it at any time. I always look at my former team. After Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina, this is a festival. The night in this country is very exciting.”

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