CR7 is back! Cristiano Ronaldo roared one goal+one goal without a goal+Asia’s first win, while Messi and France lost only one goal to share

The smoke of the World Cup has gone away. Although many fans are still immersed in the joy of the World Cup, for the unswerving CR7, he has already found himself on the network and training ground. After successfully throwing off the big “burden” of Manchester United, Ronaldo joined the Saudi League to feel the joy of winning the World Cup championship. It has to be said that this is a shortcut to defeat Messi in an alternative way. Now CR7 is completely shining. First win in Asia! Cristiano Ronaldo roared 1 goal+1 goal without help, and Messi only scored 1 goal!

Ronaldo attracted attention in the Saudi League, while in Europe, the five major leagues also reignited. Messi, who won the World Cup championship, welcomed the first match after returning to Paris. In the face of Anger, in the first half of Paris, he was scored by Ikitik. In the second half, Messi scored, Neymar’s goal was blown, and Mukiler scored twice, and finally Paris beat Anger 2-0. Messi scored a goal in the match and showed his superb skills many times. In the remote desert football arena, although there is not enough water for CR7 to show his skills, Ronaldo still shows a poor state.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s strong strength in the Asian club arena is undoubtedly revealed. In the 30 minute group match of the Al-Nassr FC team, Cristiano Ronaldo scored one goal with no help, and the opponent was Cameroon striker Abubakar who scored one goal. In the end, Cristiano Ronaldo led the team to beat the opponent 2-1, which was the first time that Cristiano Ronaldo won in the Asian arena. Cristiano Ronaldo’s training ground roared one goal, Messi scored only one goal in French A, although the number of goals was the same, but the sand content was significantly different, and Cristiano Ronaldo also had his own unique data of goalless assists. Portugal’s Xiaobai amazed the Asian game, and had to say: in front of Cristiano Ronaldo, who won the first victory in the training ground+roared one goal+goalless one assist, Messi’s performance of scoring only one goal in French A was overshadowed!

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