At 37, Luo can fly! Strive for more than half the body position. The team-mates are shocked. The bloody jumping force is dry all the way

It is getting closer and closer to Ronaldo’s debut in the Saudi League. This week, Al-Nassr FC also held an indoor 30 minute team training match. The new recruit Ronaldo’s team won 2-1. It is worth mentioning that in the training match, Ronaldo scored goals and looked very good.

As we all know, as the leader of the league, Al-Nassr FC will face the second ranked youth in this round. There is only a three point gap between the two sides. According to Rudy Garcia, the coach of Al-Nassr FC, Ronaldo will play in the match against Ittifak. The team’s hometown Abubakar was terminated before, so he vacated his position to let Ronaldo complete the registration. After the World Cup, the Portuguese has been training, I never lie down and relax my demands on myself. I am very self-disciplined.

Ronaldo went to Saudi Arabia to play football, nothing more than to extend his career, play pure football, and enjoy the last time on the green field. As for things outside the football field, Ronaldo doesn’t want to get involved too much. The previously publicized contract event has also been clarified. Ronaldo has no provision to help Saudi Arabia bid for the World Cup. After all, Portugal is also preparing to bid for the World Cup that year. When money conflicts with the interests of the motherland, the “president” will make a clear judgment.

It is worth mentioning that the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, also staged a light show of Ronaldo. It seems that the whole West Asian world is welcoming this football superstar. The current 37 year old “president” is actively preparing for the battle. The official Twitter of Al-Nassr FC also showed the training photos of Ronaldo fighting for the head kick. The bouncing against the sky made his teammates dumbfounded, open their mouths, and couldn’t believe it.

Speaking of Ronaldo’s jumping power, it is really amazing. The limit record shows that the Portuguese’s head can reach the highest point of 2.93 meters. You should know that Ronaldo’s height is 1.86 meters. If the two are subtracted, Ronaldo’s foot is more than 1 meter from the ground. This is very “aggressive” data in the small restricted area. No wonder Ronaldo’s head threat is so great.

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