Obey: The NBA has only three super giants in the past 75 years, and Curry can’t do it. The three-point ball has made basketball go backwards

It can be said that after some years of development, especially before Curry entered the league, the NBA was the most brilliant and even the best looking. It was both confrontational and technical. It was pleasing to see, and even the audience rating reached the height of Jordan’s time. However, with the prevalence of Curry’s so-called “small ball era”, the current NBA audience rating has dropped by about 25% compared with the previous one. This also made O’Neill very dissatisfied. In an interview with Yang Yi in the United States, he said, “Now I hardly watch the game. When I’m in the mood, I have no appreciation. Sometimes I even doze and watch. He made basketball go backwards. I won’t classify him as a superstar. I only agree that three people are superstars, Jordan, Kobe and James.”.

In my opinion, the three-point ball is the same as the middle distance and the score under the basket. It is not you can score if you want to score. It is also the rule set by the league. For a small-bodied player like Curry, even if the league cancels the three-point shot, he is still shooting from a long distance, which can avoid physical collision and is also a combination of ability and talent. The so-called “big enough, ability to make up”. Basketball is not free fight. It is not the world of big and powerful people. Just as James is so powerful, he can’t win three consecutive titles and five consecutive titles.

If all the players are like O’Neill, squeezing under the basket, all of them are invincible. They collide with the scene of people turning upside down, and then rely on the free throw to score: is this basketball good? Of course, many people like to enjoy such games. Basketball is a five-to-five game. It pays attention to the technical characteristics, physical condition and position of each player. There is not only the player’s individual technical ability, but also the team’s communication and coordination, and the use of tactics, as well as the team’s personnel arrangement and overall situation. Team spirit. Basketball has never been the existence of a player dominating the team and the league. Because basketball is not boxing. The reason why so much attention has been paid to this sport also reflects the appreciation of this sport. As for who likes so-and-so players and teams, it’s all personal preferences, which has nothing to do with the NBA league and players.

So Curry is an epoch-making basketball player. He is a symbol of the small ball era. He belongs to another category. Jordan’s greatness is because he pushed the NBA to the world, and Curry’s greatness is because he proved that three-point ball can change the direction of the game, three-point can also win the championship, and small ball can overturn the traditional playing method. This may be innovation. It has changed the protracted hand-to-hand combat in basketball, gradually made it elegant and soft, and also completely subverted the traditional concept of basketball. The situation of strong and tall dominating the world has given some seemingly weak people a place to fully exert their talents. Is it not enough?

Aufat’s statement is a little extreme! Curry turned three points into a conventional scoring method, which is his contribution to the league. As for many players in the league now have the ability to use three points as a regular means of attack, we just need to adjust the rules instead of blaming Curry. In terms of the current three-point scoring ability in the league, the probability of three-point shooting has greatly increased, and it is necessary to reduce the score of shooting outside the three-point line. At present, it is more appropriate to change the score of one shot outside the three-point line to 2.5 points, which is a little more.

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