The status is exploding! Ronaldo’s high jump scared his teammates. The official praised that Mero could fight against each other to break the goal

Ronaldo has not yet made his debut in the Saudi League. His first game will be on behalf of Riyadh United, against Messi, Mbape and Neymar in a friendly match against Greater Paris, before making his debut in the league on behalf of his new host Al-Nassr FC. Ronaldo is also actively preparing for training. He has continuously aired his training photos on social media. It is clear that Ronaldo is still very serious. He has not participated in the game since the end of the World Cup, and he also hopes to play in the next key game at his best.

During the training, Ronaldo showed an unusual state. He took off in the penalty area to fight for the header, and his height directly frightened the teammates on the side. He did not expect that the 37-year-old Ronaldo took off so high. The official of Al-Nassr FC pushed and aired the top photo of Luo Zhan, and the article praised:“The first take-off in history”

Although Ronaldo is 37 years old, his overall condition has indeed declined, but his physical quality has not been a problem, which was reflected during the World Cup. Ronaldo’s scramble for the header in the penalty area, even higher than the goal frame, has also caused a heated discussion outside the world. Ronaldo is also a representative player of self-discipline, which is what many people admire about Ronaldo.

For Ronaldo, his next task is still very heavy. The match against Paris is also considered to be the last match between Messi and Ronaldo on the field, because Ronaldo is gradually away from the mainstream league, and whether he can return to the national team is also unknown. In this case, Ronaldo and Messi have fewer and fewer matches on the field, so the match between Riyadh United and Grand Paris is also known as the final match between Mero. The attention of the outside world is very high. It is hard to get one ticket, and even there are super expensive tickets.

I also hope that the next performance of Ronaldo will help him get lucky in the Saudi League. At the same time, it has been confirmed that it is not true that he wants to serve as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador for the 2030 World Cup at a high salary. The Al-Nassr FC official has refuted this rumor. That is to say, Ronaldo came to Saudi Arabia to play football and seek new challenges. There is no competition with his motherland Portugal for the right to host the World Cup, so I also hope Ronaldo can have good luck.

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