Fly and shovel! Real Madrid’s 25th crown legend pays tribute to Ronaldo: The axe roars to celebrate, and the real brother reveals the secret in depth

At 3:00 a.m. on January 12, Beijing time, Olympiakos toured Atromitos in a match of the Greek Cup. The 34-year-old Real Madrid legend Marcello scored for Olympiakos! After the goal, Marcello made Ronaldo’s signature “Suiiii” celebration action to pay tribute to his good brother!

Marcello, 34, left Real Madrid last September and joined Olympiakos on a free transfer. Marcello’s team is also joined by former Real Madrid No. 10. After joining Olympiakos, Marcello is positioned as a rotation player. Only in the Greek Cup can the former Real Madrid captain have the chance to start.

In the match between Olympiakos and Atromitos, Marcello scored a goal before the end of the half:

This is the attack of Olympiakos. The ball hit near the left baseline. Marcello inserted the ball at high speed, accurately judged the landing point of the ball, and shot the ball into the net!

In Olympiakos, Marcello can play his offensive talent and make the joke “three Marcello can’t defend one Marcello” a reality. This is Marcello’s third goal in 10 games after joining Olympiakos, all in the cup.

After the goal, Marcello staged a special celebration: jumping high, stretching his arms and shouting.

I believe that Real Madrid fans will also feel when they see Marcello’s celebration. This is Ronaldo’s iconic “Suiiii” celebration, with a battle-axe roar and full of arrogance. Fans have witnessed it countless times. On the last day of 2022, Ronaldo bid farewell to European football and joined Al-Nassr FC Victory, Saudi Arabia. Marcello, as a good brother, salutes his good brother in this way.

Marcello is a legendary star of Real Madrid Club. He has won the championship trophy for 25 times in Real Madrid, ranking first in the team history. Marcello and Ronaldo have established a deep friendship during their stay at Real Madrid. The two men teamed up on the left, and their attack power was superior. As a Portuguese superstar, Marcello has always supported Ronaldo and firmly believed that Ronaldo is the best in the world. Marcello, 34, is one of the few real friends in Ronaldo’s football career.

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