C Luo’s record is not guaranteed! Messi equalled the goal miracle and played 87 fewer games, which is expected to comprehensively surpass the president’s recommendation

Messi showed excellent performance after his return to Paris. He led the team to beat Anger 2-0. After Messi’s return, his role was immediate and the team performed strongly. Messi scored a goal in the match. He has contributed 8 goals and 10 assists in the French league this season and is in good condition. Many fans sighed that Messi’s state would be affected if he celebrated for such a long time after the World Cup final, but now Messi still remains at the peak. It is obvious that he did not relax his requirements during the rest period.

Messi scored one goal in the match against Anger, which was also his first goal in 2023, and also equalled Ronaldo’s club in five major leagues. This record was previously held by Ronaldo. He scored 696 goals in five major leagues. Now Messi’s five major leagues also scored 696 goals. It is worth mentioning that Messi, who is not the center, played 87 games less than Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s data is 696 goals in 919 games, and Messi’s 696 goals in 832 games.

For Ronaldo, we are more impressed by self-discipline and goal maniac. He is the holder of a series of goals records, including the history of the Champions League shooter. Messi was once a midfielder. In the best lineup selected by FIFA, Messi was once selected as a midfielder. But even so, Messi can still score at the critical moment, and the scoring record of the five leagues will surpass Ronaldo.

For Ronaldo, the embarrassment is that he has left the five major leagues, and it is very difficult to return to the five major leagues and the Champions League. Therefore, Ronaldo’s position as the top scorer in the Champions League is not stable. Considering that Paris will renew his contract with Ronaldo, he will continue to play in the Champions League on behalf of the top teams. Meanwhile, Messi is in good condition and is likely to break Ronaldo’s record in the last two seasons. So as to comprehensively surpass Ronaldo in the number of goals in the five major leagues and the Champions League.

For Messi, after winning the World Cup, he has another goal, that is, to lead the Great Barry to win the Champions League. The team has never won the Champions League in its history, which is also the key to the club’s huge investment. It has reached the final before, but it is a pity that it failed. Now with Messi, Paris hopes to win the championship. In addition, Messi doesn’t want to disappoint the expectations of the club and the fans, so it would be a historic achievement to lead the Grand Barrie to win the first Champions League trophy in the team’s history.

I also look forward to Messi’s performance in the future. Their advantage in the French league is not big, and there can be no relaxation. At the same time, the next Champions League will also face the powerful Bayern Munich. I hope Messi and Paris will have good luck.

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