How does the NBA determine the draft order of each team? All right

According to the results of the regular season.

1947NBA draftWhen it was established, there was a so-called“Regional draft right”。

Each team can choose a local player as the team rookie first, provided that it gives upDraft qualification

Later, the “regional draft right” was abolished and replaced by“toss a coin”Method.

The league let the two teams with the worst results in the Eastern and Western regular season decide the front and back sides of the coin first, and then flip the coin to decide who gets the first draft priority. (The BucksThis draft method is the reason for getting Jabbar and the Lakers getting Magic.)

And in order to prevent some teams from deliberately throwing away to get the chance to flip a coin,1985 NBA draftStart implementationLotting systemThat is, the lotteries that people often refer to.

firstLotto showIt is divided into 7 orders. That is to say, except for the first seven draft rankings determined by touching the table tennis ball, the rest will be ranked according to the reciprocal of the remaining seven teams’ regular season results.

In 1986, the league changed the number of lotto from 7 to 3. The rest are ranked according to the results of the regular season.

(It is worth mentioning that for a long time before, the NBA draft will have 10 or even 20 rounds, which has become a very slow process. In 1989, the league finally decided the draft to be two rounds.)

As for the rules of the lottery show, some changes were made in 1993 and later. In 1993, the reason was thatmagic Ranked ninth in the east, but the number one winner was selectedO’Neill。 In order to make the draft more fair, the league has increased the number of teams with the worst record among the 14 teams that have not entered the playoffsNumber one signatureThe probability of the best team winning the first prize is reduced.

The current lottery drawing method is:

In the first round, 14 teams that have not entered the playoffs will enterLotto areaAnd won the first 14 picks in the first round, that is, the lottery show. The 16 teams that enter the playoffs will get the draft rights of the first round and the next 16 teams. The sequence of the second round is the same as that of the first round.

The lottery show is ranked by lottery.

Put 14 table tennis balls marked with numbers 1-14 into the same container, randomly draw 4 balls into a group, regardless of the order of numbers, and there are 1001 combinations. Remove the combination of 11-12-13-14 (if this combination is selected, the table tennis ball will be put back into the container for further extraction), and there are 1000 kinds leftNumber of combinations

Of the 14 teams with the lottery draft right, the worst team in the regular season can get 250 combinations, and the second worst team can get 199 combinations. The number of combinations decreases according to the results.

Teams with the same record will divide the number of combinations equally. (For example, after the end of a regular season, if there are two teams with the worst record and the same record, then the number of combinations of the two teams will be 225)

Which team has the first four table tennis combinations drawn, the number one winner belongs to which team. The combination of four table tennis balls of the team that has won the first prize will be invalidated at the time of drawing the first prize. If the invalid combination is extracted, put it back into the container and extract again.

So in general, there are 250 combinations of teams with the worst record, and the probability of winning the first prize is 25%. There are 199 combinations of teams with the second worst record, and the probability of winning the first prize is 19.9%.

After the first three places are drawn, the whole drawing process is over. The remaining 27 draft rights in the first round and 30 draft rights in the second round are in the reverse order of the team’s regular season results.

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