What are Luo’s strengths and achievements? It’s crazy

Come on, these two days are all Messi Ronaldo. Do you have any other questions to invite me to be a film and television jerk and a marginal person in the drama industry?

Ronaldo’s achievements are the second person in this era and the second person who leads by a large margin. In this era, Messi is the first in the world. Only Ronald can see Messi’s tail lamp, and others can’t even see Ronald’s tail lamp.

If we have to compare vertically in history, the top ten have not run. Although I personally resent the vertical comparison without evaluation criteria, it is disrespectful to the historical predecessors, and the comparison method is also full of holes and unfairness. Some people always say nolay more stress on the past than on the presentBut I think that if you don’t treat the past and the present slightly, you are serious.

To put it bluntly, I think that Luo’s greatest achievement is to prove the following things.

1. Effort is useful. Effort can let you shake off people who are similar to your talents, and shake them off far away. Like many people in the era who are no less gifted than Ronaldo.

2. It is useless to work hard. It is impossible for you to make up for the talent gap, and it is under the condition that the other party is also working hard. For example, now basicfinal judgementOf course, Ronaldo is not as good as Messi. No matter how hard you practice, no matter how paranoid you are, no matter how crazy you are, you can’t resist Messi who is born with talent and fate.

3. The external evaluation of you only depends on two points. First, can you shut up the sunspots and blowers when you have strength. Second, shut up quickly when you have no strength to saveWhen the wall falls, everyone pushes

4. Without Ronaldo, we may not know how strong Messi is. Just like how strong Jordan is, we can’t quantify it. Because what Jordan did, you feel that the old rogue didn’t do his best, and he could retire to play baseball at his peak, which proves that no one could find out where he was at that time.

But we have seen the end of Messi. It is a paranoid and crazy Ronaldo who helps us see how deep Messi’s strength is. Without Ronaldo, there would be only Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi every year in the same era… Other people are just insects.

Seriously, Ronaldo’s strengths and achievements.

1. He and Messi are the most exaggerated and successful players in history. From Hualuo in the early years, to the explosive point of the side commandos in 06-08, to Real MadridPhnom Penh, an all-around dead angle shooter after 14 years of injury.

Many fans like to arrange their troops, and many people will argue about who is the best between Ronaldo and Muoutside left forward… Let’s not compare. Why Messi and Ronaldo can leave so many people in the same era behind, so that the younger generation can’t see how to catch up. One of the great advantages is that their career is not limited to their position.

Messi comes from the side roadGifted teenager, to the fake 9 in the middle road, and to the present organizational midfield. His career is never limited to one position, and each position is top.

Ronaldo is also the same. In his early years, when he became a top winger, he was later moved to the middle, and practiced snatching points and heading into a unique skill. Fourteen years ago, he was also in the middle of the side, and his range was getting longer and longer, and his play became more and more violent,free kickIt has also become a sign.

After 14 years of serious injury, the breakthrough is less, and the free kick is not enough, but you also find that this guy’s running is getting better and better, and his shooting is more concise and more deadly than before, and the power is more powerful when he takes less ball in the counterattack, and there are more points in the counterattack.

In the same era, we saw many talented players. Rooney, Ribery, Robben, NeymarLewan, Azar, and so on. No one is richer than their arsenals, and they are far inferior.

In a word, Luo has walked a road that no one has ever walked before. Those who are physically stronger than him are not as good as him. Those who are technically better than him are not as good as him. Those who are physically stronger than him are not as good as him. Those who are more powerful than him are not as good as him in shooting. Those who are shooting better than him are not as good as him in endurance.

The whole court sprinted repeatedly and continued to put pressure on the goal. Among the players I have seen, one of the most threatening counter-attacks was Ronaldinho, such as the healthy Kaka.

2. Another strong point of Ronaldo is that he always has a way to shoot at the peak. It is not an opportunity for him to adjust one step and swing a shot of high quality.

What is this concept? If a team has Ronaldo, it doesn’t matter what the tactics are. No matter what defensive strategy you face, Ronaldo can use this method to cover the attack. No matter the sky or the ground, he can jump high anyway. Regardless of the left and right, he has no adverse foot. No matter far or near, he is hard. As long as the ball is given, whether it is an opportunity or not, Ronaldo will have a way to get him in.

Using an inappropriate analogy, Iverson and Kobe Bryant will have many strong shots with poor shooting rate in basketball. You can say that he is inefficient, but you can’t say that he is wrong. Because there is a general range of the right to shoot in a game. If you don’t shoot those balls, you will give up the opportunity to attack. 60 shots versus 80 shots are inherently inferior.

There are differences between the two movements. The comparison may not be appropriate, but the meaning is that. Compared with football, the truth is similar. If Ronaldo doesn’t “wave shoot”, then maybe his side didn’t shoot for some time, and where did they score? Light transmission, wait for opportunities? How did Germany and Spain die? Can’t you understand?

Especially in the face of intensive defense, the value of Messi and Ronaldo can be more reflected. Messi uses unparalleled footwork and dribbling, as well as continuous interludes to change the other side’s defense and create opportunities. Ronaldo used repeated sprints, one step adjustment of the indiscriminate goal, hard to eat the defender’s preemptive points to break the game.

The weight and resources of the attack need to be digested. There is no chance to shoot without shooting. This is the value of Ronaldo, which is also the reason why he is unique in history (unique type, not strength. Alas, I really admire my desire to survive.)

Many people use Green’s formula to try to prove it. Without Ronaldo, Real Madrid can also win the Champions League three times in a row… Are you stupid to be Zidane.

The old Buddha liked Bell so much that he hoped that Bell could hold down Ronaldo, but it was a pity that he couldn’t. Arriving on the field, Ronaldo is better than Bell. What can you do.

All saidBenzemaIt is also the strength of Golden Globe… Is it really a false name to be the first generation of “pot front”? Before Sterling, who was the real happy football? Ask Real Madrid fans, remember the former oneBenzemiaoWhat?

3. Ronaldo has withstood the weakest period of time since the golden generation and won the second largest championship in history. It has also raised Portugal’s football background and status to a higher level.

Portugal is a second-rate and third-rate football team, even if there is oneFigoAnd the era of Deco is also second-rate. However, the appearance of Ronaldo makes people think that Portugal is a top team… It’s really bullshit. Since 12 years ago, the number of Portuguese players who have played for the top team has basically hovered around four or five, and there are also such backcourt players as Nani, who are rotated by Manchester United and Pepe. The midfield has never been seen since Deco.

This World Cup is said to be one of the strongest in the history of Portugal… is it Switzerland that has drawn the illusion of how many people?

In the first half of the match against Morocco… it’s hard to say. It is said that Ronaldo’s starting will affect his team-mates’ attack. As a result, without Ronaldo, everyone will not play. The poor effect of tactics is terrible, but it is more terrible without tactics.

Messi is also difficult. Messi alone has stood up to Argentina’s team which has been blossoming since 2002.

Every year, Argentina’s face is so strong that it is full of headless flies. La Liga shooter Wang Messi, La Liga shooter Wang Higuain, Premier League shooter Wang Aguero, La Liga assist king Di Maria, who is constipated in the attack every year

None of the talented midfielders in Yishui can be organized. They rely on the back line every year. De Mikelis was scolded like that in Bayern. As a result, the national team has raised its historical status by half a level.

The Copa America in the former private area made a joke that has been broken for five years and four times… is Messi not strong enough? That must be a big problem for the team! It’s amazing that Messi was so low-key that he was forced to withdraw from the national team twice… To be honest, the Argentine Football Association and the coaching team 18 years ago should be closely investigated.

What about other players of the same era? Who can stand up to the football status of a country for 15 years?

Rooney? Shuangde? Ribery? Robben? The dead Kaka? No, except for Mero, really not.

Neymar… The underwear of Brazilian football is almost torn.

Mbape… wait for the tide to ebb. Now, Mbape is always the number one, not the core. IfPogba Still, Argentina probably couldn’t hold up in the last 20 minutes.

4. In the golden fifteen years of football, he is a loser, but also a booster. From the perspective of the whole history, it is difficult to copy.

As I said before, without Ronaldo, we really can’t understand Messi’s greatness. In another 50 years, Messi may have to face the embarrassment that Bailey is now facing… After all, many people have begun to repeatedly pick up the quality of the opponents in Bailey’s era in order to get Messi to the first place in history. Is the quality of the opponents in your era too low? Otherwise, how can you win three World Cups?.

But Messi will probably not face such embarrassment in the future, because there is a Ronaldo at the same time. The number of goals in the Champions League, the number of hardware balls, the number of goals in history, the number of goals in the Champions League… no one can say that such opponents are not hard enough. (In the future, some records may be Messi’s, but such records are even tougher. The first record beat the second record of the same era.)

Therefore, I support the view of Mei Chui. The longer the time, the more stable his position will be. When future generations look at this history from a relatively objective perspective, they will look at Ronaldo from an objective perspective, and will also give a relatively objective summary of this era. Messi was the king of the game at that time, and his biggest opponent on the way to becoming king was Ronaldo.

Recently, Rooney and Ronaldo have had a quarrel. The people who are talking are interesting and can always poke each other’s pain points. “No one is jealous of Ronaldo, except Messi”. This sentence is cruel and cheap enough, but also helpless enough… I am not as good as you, and I am not as good as you at the same time, but you are not as good as Messi… It is a compliment to others, and an insult to Luo.

It happens to be the classic South America and Europe. It happens to be the ultimate collision of two different styles of football. It also happens to be the classic South American football king. Bailey and Distifano, Maradona and Platini, do you think it is doomed, or does it have its own destiny? Fate is beyond words.

Many Lionel Messi fans say that they have never been conceited and Lionel Messi has never seen Ronaldo in the eye… Well, you are right.

5. The role of football as an example, Portuguese football and even European football in the future will be better than now.

Ronaldo is inseparable and indelible from Portuguese football. Portugal should thank Ronaldo. Even if his family and himself are demons all day long, it is not worth his contribution.

I am a Zhan Hei, but I always admit that James is a good idol as long as he inspires even one person to pursue his basketball dream, let alone a generation?

The same is true for Ronaldo. As long as he inspires the youth of Portugal and even Europe to take the road of football, he is a good idol. Don’t care how much he is now a demon. In the final analysis, he has pointed out the direction for many teenagers.

Every player who once regarded Ronaldo as his idol, no matter whether he is turning from powder to road, from road to black, or from scorn to reprimand, can only say that you have a high moral standard (it is not necessarily true or false). But to erase the exemplary role of Ronaldo, we can only say thatsail with the windThe face of.

To sum up, these are the strengths and achievements of Ronaldo.

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