Will NBA decline completely in China? The sooner you know, the better


More and more people realize that. Nba is monsterSports League。 What is fascinating about nba is not basketball, but nba culture.Lonely hero, tattoo, dirty braid, indomitable personality. This deeply bound culture makes him significant in the hearts of 8090 children. However, at a certain age, I will understand. All kinds of willpower and diligent praise of the nba are based on one in ten million. A player who has worked hard for 20 years can’t break through a two-meter-two center who has just become familiar with the rules. This is unique in the world sports. It relies on the body to the extent of metamorphosis. The most important thing in nba draft is technology and spirit. The most important thing is age and health. Almost all superstar careers can be seen at the moment of the draft. Jordan is the first person in the NBA, but his love for basketball is not outstanding. It was said in the draft that he didn’t love basketball enough. In fact, he did play baseball for two years. But no matter how much others love, no matter how hard they practice. It is far from Jordan’s achievement. Nba is a serious lack of surprises. But they also use the slogan “where amazing happens”. Little Thomas couldn’t beat the letter brother with a smile when he spelled it out. No matter how strong the willpower of Nate Robinson is, he can’t compare with James who hesitates.IversonThere is no match in the world, and what you get is just a win in Kobe O’Neal’s hands. This is an alliance where monsters hang all kinds of strong human beings. Ordinary people, ordinary people do not even have the qualification to enter. Physically, nba has no real sense of ordinary people. Spiritually, it has no miracle of football and other sports. In the system of four wins in seven games in the playoffs, the strong can easily play against the weak. It’s useless to work hard, and the perception is getting worse. Why is the nba arena attractive? Over 70 years of history, there have been only five black eight, and the second half of the championship is only 95 rockets. Basically, it is talent accumulation and vertical strike. Unless there is a problem in the team, the opponent has no chance of winning.

Someone mentioned Curry, let me talk about it here.

First, Curry’s physical quality is far better than that of ordinary people.

Second, Curry’s achievements are lower than his efforts.

In the NBA, Curry is a new force. It is because of his technical route. So they were looked down upon repeatedly. The first three crowns of fmvp have repeatedly passed by. This is because nba officials and players are not willing to treat him as the first person in the world. This also kept him down from the top 11 in history. We are still used to big guards (Magic, Jordan, Kobe), big forwards (James, Bird, Duncan) and big centers (Jabbar, O’Neill,RussellChamberlain), in combination with their respective times, each of the top ten in history is higher than others in the same position. Curry doesn’t have this advantage. Therefore, the nba had a bit of pressure on him in the early stage. I didn’t expect that he could really be the first card.

At that time, what the nba really wanted to hold was young and physicalAnthony Davis 。 But it didn’t meet expectations. Duncan, Brother Letter,Hakeem Olajuwon Enbide, one by one, has come into contact with basketball later than the other, but people practice basketball for one year is equal to one hundred years for ordinary people. Because the nba is 99% body and 1% technology.

Compare Messi, who is close to the first player in football. It would be good if Curry’s technology flow could reach the current 15 in the NBA. This year, they both took itFIFA World Cup, if one gets fmvp, it’s all successful.

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