US weapons cause a large number of Russian casualties White House: do you feel any “anxiety”?

Former title: US weapons cause a large number of Russian casualties White House: no “anxiety”

Reported on January 5 by Reference News NetworkAccording to the AFP report on January 4, a senior White House official said on the 4th that the United States did not feel “anxious” about the alleged use of weapons provided by the United States by Ukrainians to attack Russian soldiers, causing a large number of casualties.

It is reported that the strike launched by the Ukrainian army in the New Year hit a building in Makjevka that was used as a barracks by Russian military. The Russian official admitted that 89 people were killed – a very high number. The Ukrainian army estimates that nearly 400 Russian soldiers were killed.

According to the report, after Russia condemned the Ukrainian army for launching attacks with weapons shipped from the United States, John Kirby, spokesman of the National Security Council of the United States, said that Russia should be condemned.

Kirby said that the US government did not feel any “anxiety. This is a war. They have been invaded, and they (Ukrainians) are fighting back and defending themselves. As far as Ukrainian military operations are concerned, Russian soldiers on their territory are legitimate targets. That’s it.”.

Reported that Kirby would not disclose the US estimate of casualties caused by the attack. All parties agreed that the casualties in this attack were very serious, even if measured by the bloody standards during the Russian Ukrainian conflict that had lasted more than 10 months.

Kirby also declined to comment on the role of the “Hippocampus” high mobility rocket system in the attack. This weapon system launches destructive precision guided rockets, enabling the Ukrainian army to compete with the larger, more heavily equipped Russian army.

Kirby said, “We are and will continue to provide them with the weapon systems and assistance they need for self-defence. It is likely to include more highly mobile rocket systems in the future.” (Compilation/Zheng Guoyi)Go back to Sohu to see more

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