Wake up and respond that you don’t change down jackets in winter: This one is very expensive, so it’s OK to wear it all the time?

Original title: Wake up and respond that we don’t change down jackets in winter: this one is very expensive, and we always wear it

Sohu Entertainment News Recently, some netizens found that many times when they woke up, they were photographed wearing the same down jacket. Whether it was a recorded program or a private trip, the down jacket that woke up did not change throughout the winter. This discovery instantly triggered heated discussion among netizens. On January 5, he woke up and responded that he would not change his down jacket in the winter

Before that, Liao Yuchen was asked by a netizen in the comment area how she thought about the beauty of the Wake Up Night Meeting. She responded generously, “It’s a gentleman. If I were here, I would send my friends upstairs! Then I would take a taxi home.” She also made fun of the fact that she didn’t change her down jacket all winter: “I bought five down jackets in winter, but he only bought one.”.Go back to Sohu to see more

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