original Wu Qiqi won the bet. With two moves, he ended the war crisis and found the bottom of the West

Former title: Wu Qiqi won the bet. With two moves, the war crisis was lifted and the bottom of the West was reached

Not long ago, the situation in Kosovo was again in turmoil. The Western countries led by the United States put pressure on Vulcic to force Serbia to bow to Kosovo. Vulcic was also very tough in the face of pressure and directly declared that Serbia had entered the highest level of combat readiness. After this operation, many people thought that Kosovo would soon become the second battlefield in Europe. However, we still underestimate Wu Qiqi’s political wisdom. He only took two actions to solve the crisis.

First, Vucic met with representatives of Kosovo Serb residents and asked them to remove the roadblocks previously set up; The second action is to announce the cancellation of the highest level combat readiness. Maybe someone will say that it is wrong. Isn’t it like the western countries’ intention to admit to them? In fact, this is not the case. On the other side of the story, we should not ignore that on the same day that Vucic announced the removal of the roadblock, the Kosovo authorities released the Serb police captured before. The Kosovo authorities were originally the agents supported by NATO, and they followed their lead. Therefore, I am afraid that this release of people to the NATO behind them will not be irrelevant. That is to say, the crisis is not relieved by Wuqi’s unilateral advice, but the result of his and NATO’s stepping back, and even Wuqi has taken the initiative. Why do you say that?

On the one hand, Vucic did not specify how long it would take to remove the roadblocks, but said that it would take a certain time. There would be a great deal of work to be done in this process. One day, one month, one year, it would be possible, but the excuse that the western countries used to put pressure on Serbia would be gone, and all countries in the world would watch if they continued to stir up the situation. Maybe someone will ask, Serbia, as the “lone wolf” in Europe, has been constantly excluded by western countries because of its closeness to China and Russia. At that time, they did not feel guilty. Why did they give in this time? This is the other side of my story.

On the other hand, Wu Qiqi helped us find out the bottom of the western countries by taking advantage of this storm. What end? Are they sure that they will support the end of another war while supporting the Russian Ukrainian conflict. When Vucic announced that he had entered the highest level of combat readiness, Russia also made an important statement, that is, they would support Serbia. Once the war started in Kosovo, they would take all measures, including military means, to support Serbia. Although this was just a statement, the Russian army did not make any noise at that time, it was clear that the Western countries that had been drained by Ukraine did not dare to gamble on the possibility of a double line war with Russia, so they chose to compromise with Vulcan, and both sides stepped back, putting out the spark in Kosovo.

It must be said that Wu Qiqi’s political wisdom is really brilliant, and he still found the way to peace when he was forced into a corner. Of course, the peace in the Balkans is still temporary, and the problems in Kosovo still exist, but this Wuqi Qi gamble has won and temporarily suppressed the contradiction. Perhaps one day in the future, the conflict will erupt again. But as long as there is no real war, there is still a chance for peaceful settlement, which is the best result.Go back to Sohu to see more

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