The stepmother doesn’t scrape scales when her daughter is ill and uses live fish to cook soup. The party involved: The stepmother can’t cook, and usually the relationship is like a sister’s whole journey dry goods

Former title: The daughter’s sick stepmother doesn’t scrape scales and uses live fish to cook soup. The client: The stepmother can’t cook and usually has a relationship like a sister

According to the western decision-making report, on January 3, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. Ms. Li said that she was ill in hospital recently. Her stepmother heard that wild crucian carp was very good for her health, so she bought two to stew for her. Since my stepmother could not cook and did not like fish, she put it into the pot without scaling it. Although there is no way to drink soup, Ms. Li is still very moved. She usually has a good relationship with her stepmother, just like a sister.

Ms. Li said: “She specially goes to other people’s homes to ask for wild crucian carp, which they catch. Because she doesn’t usually eat fish, nor can she cook. Because it is cooked with live fish, there is no way to eat it. We usually have a good relationship, just like sisters.”

It can be seen that this pot of crucian carp soup is cooked in a good way, but the scales of the crucian carp are still there, and the viscera are not removed. With a gentle pinch of your hand, you can pick up a large scale of fish.

The woman also said on social media: “My mother said she would stew a fish soup for me to drink? I think I’m well, and I really don’t need to make up…” At the same time, she explained: “My mother can’t cook. This time, I’m sick. My father went to work, and people said she would make up for me. My mother showed great magic, and I was shocked at that time.”

In this regard, netizens said that “just like a man did not clear his internal organs when cooking chicken soup a few days ago, he did not have any common sense of life.” Some people thought that the stepmother’s behavior was moving, “which is equivalent to a person who is very moved to learn to cook for you.” Some people said that “I went to Guilin to travel and ate fish without scraping scales for the first time. I can only say that there are many ways to eat in every place”.

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