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Former title: Ronaldo is boycotted by Saudi fans

Ronaldo officially decided to enter the Al-Nassr FC Football Club in Saudi Arabia. During the media conference, Ronaldo firmly said to everyone: coming to South Africa is not the end of my career. Yes, you heard right. Ronaldo said South Africa, not Saudi Arabia.

Everyone at the scene was stunned by Ronaldo’s words, and the Saudi Arabian fans couldn’t sit still. It was originally a lively welcome meeting. Because of a wrong sentence by Ronaldo, everyone on the scene became very embarrassed. Even the host did not know what to say to play the whole game. After all, this mistake of Ronaldo was fatal.

The fans expressed their dissatisfaction

Although the arrival of Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia is very welcome at the beginning, after all, Ronaldo’s strength is obvious to all, and Ronaldo has a lot of fans around the world, including Saudi Arabia. However, it has been reported that Ronaldo’s character is not particularly good and arrogant on the court. The main reason for coming to Saudi Arabia to play football this time is that Ronaldo can no longer get along in Europe. He has no choice but to come to Saudi Arabia, which has offered him several olive branches.

Another major reason is that Saudi Arabia has given too much money, which is about 1.46 billion yuan per year. Ronaldo’s annual income can be said to have exceeded 99% of the world’s people, and created the highest annual salary record in football history.

Welcome to South Africa

After Ronaldo said something wrong, although Saudi Arabia’s fans expressed their anger, South Africa made a public statement saying: “We are waiting patiently for Ronaldo’s arrival, and South Africa welcomes you at any time.”. South Africa knows that Ronaldo cannot go to South Africa to play football. On the one hand, South Africa cannot give Saudi Arabia such a high annual salary. On the other hand, South Africa’s overall strength level really makes Ronaldo look down on. In fact, Ronaldo’s first choice is to stay in Europe to play football. However, due to Ronaldo’s various performances, no club in Europe is willing to accept Ronaldo.Go back to Sohu to see more

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