NBA Synthesis: “Brother Alphabet” scored 55 points alone, and NBA ushered in a “data blowout” full of dry goods

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, January 3 The frequent high scores and records have ushered in a wave of “data blowout” for the NBA recently. Following Dongqi and Mitchell’s new record of individual scoring in a single game, Anto Kunbo, the “letter brother”, also scored a new high. He scored 55 points on the 3rd, helping the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Washington Wizards 123:113.

“Brother Alphabet” was almost omnipotent in the game of the day, especially when he repeatedly made dunks under the basket. His score easily reached double digits in the first quarter and led the team to a double digit lead in the second quarter. Although the Wizards launched a counter attack in the third quarter, “Brother Alphabet” scored continuously under the basket, stabilizing the “military heart”, and the Bucks finally maintained their lead to the end.

“Brother Alphabet” contributed 55 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists, setting a career high in scoring in a single game.

The game between the Thunder Team and the Celtic Team set off a scoring frenzy. Facing the top Celtic team in the east, the Thunder team seemed to win little, but in the game, the internal and external lines were in full bloom. Finally, seven people scored in double figures (five of them scored more than 20 points), and won a big victory by 150:117. And 150 points is also a new high for the Thunder team in a single game.

The Kings played a game of beating the Jazz on the same day. When the last minute of the game was left, the difference between the two sides was only 1 point, and the outcome was unpredictable. At the last second of the game, Fox hit a layup to help the Kings counter the super score, while Marcanin of the Jazz hit at the last moment, but because the overtime counter kill was invalid, the Kings finally won a thrilling 117:115 victory. (End)

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