original 20 rare photos of Luo exposed! Netizen: So you are such a C Luo… I never expected

Original title: 20 rare photos of Luo exposed! Netizen: So you are such a C

This may be the last World Cup for 37 year old Ronaldo.

Morocco defeated Portugal 1-0 to reach the semi-finals of Qatar World Cup.

When the final whistle sounded, the young man who came out of Madeira finally ended his journey of world championship with regret.

No one can predict whether Ronaldo, 41, will play in the next World Cup.

After the game, Ronaldo covered his face with tears and left the court alone.

At this moment, we bid farewell to Ronaldo and the youth of a generation.

Just like the last CCTV commentator said to him:

We bid farewell to this serious, diligent, self-discipline, and even paranoid nearly abnormal player;

This is one of the best games on the planet.

As the spiritual totem of football, it is synonymous with the highest level of modern football;

In the past 20 years, this man has brought us too many surprises and excitement.

Let’s take a look at 20 small things in the life of this sports superstar.

Hero Dawn, no matter success or failure, he has become a legend.

1. Obstinate origin

In 1985, Ronaldo was born into a poor family in the Madeira Islands, Portugal.

Because Luo’s father drank heavily all the year round, Luo’s mother drank boiled black beer during pregnancy and went to have an abortion.

But Ronaldo was born “lucky and enduring”.

Ronaldo’s childhood and adolescence

Ronaldo was diagnosed with arrhythmia as a child.

This causes his heart rate to exceed 100 beats per minute, which may lead to stroke or heart failure.

At the age of 15, he underwent heart surgery.

But Luo’s mother said that he had an operation in the morning and was discharged in the afternoon.

A few days after the operation, he was able to play football again.

Heritage of No. 3.7 jersey

In 2003, Ronaldo moved to Manchester United for 12.24 million pounds and took away the No. 7 shirt vacated by Beckham who had just left the team.

Manchester United’s No. 7 shirt has always represented the top level.

4. The power generated when jumping is 5 times that of cheetahs

C Luo’s strength when jumping in the race is 5 times that of cheetah when jumping at full speed.

His jumping height initially reached 44 cm.

His running height has reached 78cm, 7cm higher than the average NBA player!

5. Free throw speed can reach 130KM/hour

Ronaldo’s free kick speed is about 130km/h.

In a program that Ronaldo participated in before, Ronaldo’s serve broke three pieces of tempered glass.

6. Body size at 30 and 23

Luo keeps fit all the year round, and maintains ultra-low body fat for 20 years.

The former French international Evra is Ronaldo’s teammate at Manchester United.

He and Ronaldo returned to Ronaldo’s home after a training session, only to find salad and boiled chicken breast on the table.

C Luo’s diet

In 2017, Luo went to Beijing and Shanghai to participate in activities.

In the morning, after traveling back from China and Spain, he started jogging in the afternoon for recovery training.

In 2018, 33 year old Luo said a famous saying in an interview:

“I’m 33 years old, and I’m 23 years old.”

7. The happiest day of my life

In 2016, Ronaldo led Portugal to win the European Cup, which is also his first European Cup trophy.

In the dressing room after the game, he said, “This is my happiest day so far.”

In the first match of the 2018 World Cup group match, he scored an amazing hat trick against Spain.

In the 87th minute, Spain got a free kick.

Facing several people, Luo stared at them with cold and heartless face.

Finally, he used a perfect arc ball to go around the wall and hit the corner.

In that game, he scored three goals with his own strength, and drew 3-3 with his opponent Spain with his own strength, making history.

9. Most Instagram fans

On November 21 this year, Ronaldo’s Instagram fans exceeded 500 million, becoming the second account on IG’s global fan list.

This is 60 million more than the population of South America.

The first one is the official Instagram account that is followed by default when each account is registered.

10. Great empathy

In 2014, Luo attended an event in Japan. A sixth grader had the honor to communicate with Luo on the stage.

In the face of his idol, the little boy excitedly and clumsily took out a piece of paper and told Ronaldo in broken Portuguese along the Pinyin:

“My dream is to become a football player. I hope to play football with you one day.

The boy’s unusual pronunciation drew laughter from the audience.

After patiently listening to the little boy’s statement, Luo looked at the audience with a puzzled face and asked the reporter: “What are they laughing at?

The laughter stopped suddenly, and Ronaldo stressed to the audience in a very positive tone: “He can speak Portuguese, he speaks very, very well, and he works very hard.”

Luo then turned around, smiled and patted the boy on the shoulder, encouraging him:

“As long as you believe in your ability and make 100% efforts, your dream will come true.”

11. Selling trophies to help charity

In 2011, Ronaldo scored 40 Spanish league goals under Mourinho and won the Golden Boot Award.

However, after winning the prize, Ronaldo chose to auction the Golden Boot trophy. The trophy was sold at a price of 1.2 million pounds. Ronald donated all the money and built many schools for the war victims in Gaza.

In 2013, Ronaldo won the second Golden Globe Award, which had been waiting for 4 years.

He donated 530000 pounds of the auction prize to a charity called “Wishing” for the treatment of dying and terminally ill children.

It is worth mentioning that during the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, Ronaldo was also the only European football player who donated money.

12. No tattoo

Different from the star who loves tattoos, Ronaldo has no tattoos so far.

Luo said that he did not reject tattoos, but he often donated blood, so he worried that tattoos would have an unnecessary impact on blood donation.

Until now, Ronaldo still donates blood at least twice a year and remains an international ambassador for blood donation.

13. Luo’s Happy Family

In 2017, Luo met Georgina as a counter sister in Gucci store in Madrid.

They fell in love at first sight and quickly fell in love.

Ronaldo currently has five children.

Georgina gave birth to a daughter for Luo in 2017 and last year.

In addition, Luo has a eldest son, Mini Luo, and a pair of twins, but he has never disclosed who the mothers of the three children are.

14. Invite the officials who gave him free hamburgers when he was young to eat.

Ronaldo played for Lisbon Sports Club when he was young. Ronaldo often felt very hungry at night.

But Ronaldo, with his empty pockets, had no money to buy food. Once, he and his friends went to McDonald’s next to the dormitory to see if they could eat leftover hamburgers.

Unexpectedly, the three girls in the shop gave them the extra hamburgers without saying anything.

When he grew up, Luo went out of his way to find three saleswomen who gave him hamburgers free of charge at that time and invited them to dinner to show his gratitude.

15. The boy is a fan of Macy

Leng Zhi, Ronaldo’s son is a fan of Messi, and Messi’s son is also a fan of Ronaldo.

16.2022 Athletes with the highest commercial value.

In October this year, SportsPro announced the world’s 50 most commercially valuable athletes in 2022, with Ronaldo topping the list.

In fact, Ronaldo’s ability to win money has been ranked first in the world in recent years.

Last year, Ronaldo ranked among the top 3 global athletes with an annual income of 120 million.

One of his IG ads cost up to 2 million euros.

But it’s all worth it.

17817 goals

As of October 10 this year, Ronaldo has participated in 1135 games in his career, scoring 817 goals, ranking first in the world football.

18. Participated in five world championships. Before the Qatar World Cup, FIFA officially released a poster containing four players.

On both sides are Mexican goalkeeper Ochoa, midfielder Guardado, and in the middle are Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

These four players are the only players who have participated in five World Cups in this World Cup.

Including these four players, only eight players have participated in the World Cup five times in the history of the World Cup.

Ronaldo said before the start of the Qatar World Cup that this is probably his last World Cup.

19. The first person in history! The only player to score in the World Cup for five consecutive times

In the World Cup match between Portugal and Ghana, Ghana took the penalty kick and Ronaldo hit it.

He also became the only player to score goals in five consecutive World Cups.

In Ronaldo’s documentary in 2015, he said:

“Winning is the most important thing for me. It’s as simple as that.

“Modesty” may be necessary for ordinary people, but it is wrong for real genius.

In addition to his amazing willpower, strong self-discipline and competitive spirit, Ronaldo was able to succeed.

To achieve great achievements, we must have firm faith and ambition.

No matter how many people love him, how many people hate him;

He is the greatest athlete of our time.

The eternal CR7, the hero will never end!

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