Topic | Ronaldo’s “preparation” is almost ready, and it’s hard for him to enter the competition

A few days have passed since Ronaldo arrived in Saudi Arabia and joined Al-Nassr FC Victory. The “President” has been very busy attending both the welcoming ceremony and the dinner party. It seems that all kinds of “preparations” have been completed except for the debut. According to the latest news from the media, Ronaldo has not completed the registration yet, and actually does not have the qualification to enter the arena.

Ronaldo’s every move has attracted the attention of the world, and the topic of when he will appear is the focus of everyone’s attention. Earlier, some media said that he would continue to perform in the Saudi League after being suspended for two games in the FA, so the “president” would have to wait at least another week to complete his debut. However, the Saudi media also said that the ban would not extend to the Saudi League, and everyone still had a glimmer of hope that Ronaldo could appear in the game on Thursday night. However, good things always happen. The Al-Nassr FC official announced that the home game was postponed for 24 hours on the evening of the 6th local time due to the power failure of the stadium.

Then, will Ronaldo be available? Judging from the current situation, it seems that it is not feasible. According to local media reports, two relevant people said that the Portuguese had not completed the registration and could not participate in the competition temporarily. The media said that the Saudi League stipulated that each team should have a maximum of 8 foreign aid, and before the arrival of Ronaldo, the number of foreign aid in Al-Nassr FC Victory had been full. No matter whether the contract is sold or terminated, the team must have foreign aid to leave to register for Ronaldo.

Therefore, from this analysis, unless the team solves this problem, Ronaldo will not appear in the game immediately. What’s more, there is no official news about whether he will be suspended. If Ronaldo’s fans want to see his idol appear, they may have to wait patiently.

Although he hasn’t appeared yet, Ronaldo hasn’t been idle for a minute. He gave an interview to Al-Nassr FC Club. He said that it is an honor to be here, and he is also looking forward to bringing happiness to everyone and himself. The Saudi League has great potential. There are excellent players here, which is why he came here.

In addition, on January 5, Ronaldo also showed a picture of celebrating the birthday of Al-Nassr FC player Fatil with his new teammates on his personal social media. The atmosphere of the whole team was relaxed, and Ronaldo was well integrated with his teammates.

As the saying goes, “A good meal is never too late.” Now that we have waited for several days, let’s take a look at the development of the situation. The biggest significance of Ronaldo’s playing in Saudi Arabia is not to compete, so his off court news must be much more than on the court.

Article/Zhang Kunlong, reporter of Beijing Youth Daily

Editor/Wang Haozhou

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