The fastest and slowest record in NBA All Star Skills is actually the same person? All right

In the NBA All Star Skills Competition, there used to be the Flash, who won the championship of the Skills Game for two consecutive years. But Wade created the slowest skills game record, while Deron, who now assists James in the Cavaliers, created the fastest skills game record. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the fastest and slowest record of acrobatic games in NBA history!

In 2006, Wade, a junior freshman, won the NBA All Star Skills Competition. That year, Wade and Shaquille O’Neal won the championship, and Wade won the FMVP! In the acrobatic competition in 2007, Wade once again proved that the Flash was worthy of his name and won the acrobatic championship for two consecutive years. In 2008, Dwyane Wade is going to win three consecutive championships, but·······

Wade, who was preparing to win three consecutive championships in the third year, took 53.09 seconds to complete all the events because of dribbling mistakes and missed consecutive shots. At that time, the commentator laughed, a historical record! It can’t be blamed on Wade. The acrobatic competition is changing. Maybe someone will take the lead in the future·········

The creator of the fastest record in the NBA acrobatic game is Deron Williams. In the 2008 All Star Game acrobatic game, Deron was still at his peak. Deron completed all the events in 25.5 seconds on the court, and all the movements were completed at one time, very smooth.

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