The best defender in NBA history, a short head, actually scored 0 points for O’Neal? Full of dry goods

In the NBA, there are several candidates who are extremely strong in defense. Most of them are tall centers, such as Olajuwon. Dream’s defense and scoring abilities are very strong. In the NBA, he is only two meters tall and weighs 95 kilograms, but he is definitely one of the best defensive players in NBA history. He is Dennis Rodman. Today, I want to tell you about Rodman’s defense story.

As we all know, Rodman’s rebounding ability is not black. He was the rebounding king for seven consecutive seasons in 91-98, but he is not the tallest and strongest. More centers than him have gone. But with a body only two meters tall and 95 kilograms in weight, the rebounding thing was brought into full play.

Rodman is not only the rebounder of seven consecutive seasons, but also the best defensive player of two seasons (DPOY) in the 89-90 and 90-91 seasons. He has been the best defensive player for seven times in his career. In the history of the NBA, how many players have defended Jordan, Byrd, Karl Malone one-on-one, but Olajuwon, Kamp, and O’Neal? Dennis Rodman is the only player who can accomplish such a defensive feat.

There was once a game, when Rodman was in the Bulls’ game against the Lakers in the 96-97 season. At that time, Shaquille O’Neal had been unscrupulous, and easily scored 23 points in the first half. Looking at the sharks, Rodman took the initiative to defend the big sharks as a forward. As a result, in the second half of the game, O’Neal was only scored 4 points by Rodman, and in the final overtime, Rodman continued to defend the big sharks. O’Neal got no points! The Bulls turned the tables when they were nearly 20 points behind!

It is said that Rodman went to defend Shaquille O’Neal because the big sharks mocked Rodman before the game, “he is a small forward who weighs less than 200 kg and also wants to defend a big center who weighs more than 300 kg. He is crazy about his dream!” After the game, the big sharks were also mocked: “Only 4 points in the half court, a player who scores 0 points in overtime is not worth a big contract of 100 million yuan!”

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