60 points+54 points! Cooley won the bet. He was the first 3D player in NBA history. He finally dreamt of returning to the top

In the NBA, many super stars have lost their talent and strength due to injuries. For example, Kobe Bryant’s strength declined rapidly after his Achilles tendon broke in those years, and Waldo, an active star, has been unable to return to the peak after his major injuries. Cousins is even more miserable: he used to be the first center in the league, suffering from Achilles tendon tear and cruciate ligament injuries, but now he can no longer play in the NBA at the age of 32, which is a pity. The worst thing is that the top Cousins never signed a top salary contract, and Wall got a top salary before he was injured. Durant is very lucky: he still returns to the peak after suffering from Achilles tendon rupture. In addition, Tang Shen is also very lucky. 60 points+54 points! Curry won the bet. He is the first 3D player in NBA history. He finally dreams of returning to the top.

Like Cousins, Clay Thompson has suffered two major injuries: Achilles tendon tear+cruciate ligament tear. In the 2019-20 season and the 2020-21 season, Clay Thompson will be reimbursed for two years. The Warriors management gave Clay Thompson a five-year top salary contract of $190 million, which started in 2019. Curry, Claire Thompson and the Water Flower Brothers have brought a number of championships to the Warriors. The boss and management of the Warriors are generous and generous to the champion.

Clay Thompson came back from the middle of last season. At that time, Clay Thompson did not play well at the beginning, scoring inefficiently, shooting poorly, and feeling bad all the time. As the team leader, Curry is also the best brother and best teammate of Clay Thompson. Therefore, Curry has always insisted on letting Clay Thompson take more shots, and even, Curry sacrificed his right to pass the ball to Clay Thompson for shooting. Later, Clay Thompson scored 10 3-pointers in a single game and hit 40+, regaining his strength and self-confidence. In the playoffs last season, Clay Thompson averaged 19.0 points per game (second to Curry in the team)+3.9 rebounds+2.3 assists+1.2 steals, with a three-point shooting rate of 38.6%. There is no doubt that God Tang is the most important helper around Curry.

This season, Clay Thompson started slowly. The shooting percentage in the first ten or more games was less than 40%. At that time, many fans said: The Warriors won the championship last season, but Clay drifted away. This year, he did not play as well as last season. Even, some fans called on Clay Thompson to give up his starting position to Jordan Poole (Poole was in a low state when playing as a substitute, and his starting state exploded). However, Curry, as the team leader, insisted that: Clay will definitely return to the top, he just needs some time. Sure enough, Clay Thompson soon scored 30+and 40+performances, and regained his own strength.

In the days when Curry and Wiggins were injured, Clay Thompson and Jordan Poole were the greatest contributors to the Warriors’ victory. In the game between the Nets and the Hawks, Clay Thompson broke out in a frenzy, shooting 10 of 21 3-pointers, hitting the data of 54 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 block shots, and teamed up with Ronnie and others to overcome the enemy. 54 points in a single game, which is the second highest score of Clay Thompson’s career, and this is the evidence of Tang Shen’s dream back to the peak. In addition, for the third time in his career, Clay Thompson scored 50+and 10+3 points, the second in NBA history and the second in history was Curry (7 times). Clay Thompson scored 10+3 points in a single game for the seventh time in his career, which is also the second in NBA history, and Curry is the first in history (22 times).

In fact, Clay Thompson’s strongest personal performance in his career: 29 minutes in a single game, 60 points+2 rebounds+1 assists (the lowest 60+time record in NBA history). As the purest scorer, once Clay Thompson’s three-point shot is accurate, no one can defend it. Tang Shen scored 14 three-point shots in a single game, still the highest in NBA history. From 60 points in a single game to 54 points in a single game now, Curry has won the bet. After more than two years of Clay’s life, he helped Clay find the peak. Today, the first 3D player in NBA history, Tang Shen, can still help Curry win the championship together.

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