C Luo’s latest news! Wearing No. 7 jersey, Georgina appeared at the welcome ceremony, and she was held in his arms to make a big splash

Since he signed a new team, Ronaldo has made everyone look forward to his official participation. Recently, Ronaldo and his family also arrived in Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi team held a grand welcome ceremony for him. It was very popular for Ronaldo to show his family at the scene, especially when Ronaldo hugged Georgina to talk, which showed his love.

Georgina is so popular that she is really in the limelight this time

As Ronaldo’s fiancee, Georgina has always been roast by everyone, but this does not affect Ronaldo’s love and affection for her. From Ronaldo’s performance at the welcome ceremony, it can be seen that Ronaldo has been holding Georgina when speaking, and the feeling of love is really going to overflow the screen.

This time, Ronaldo and Georgina showed up with the children. The family was very loving and happy. Ronaldo and the children wore the same size seven uniform, which made the whole picture more unified and harmonious. However, Georgina was the most concerned one.

After all, every time Georgina makes her appearance, she is too pushy. Especially, many of her sexy clothes are very visual, which is also unacceptable. However, recently Georgina has been “honest” and conservative.

This time, she accompanied Luo to the welcome ceremony. The clothes Georgina chose were also very standard in design. The super long cardigan matched with the tight jacket and jeans. The effect of the whole body shaping on the body proportion was really brilliant.

The super long style of cardigan also brings a lot of powerful aura to the clothes. In addition, the velvet fabric makes simple clothes more elegant and gorgeous, and the jacket underneath also emphasizes the sexy figure of Georgina.

The tight shape makes the clothes tightly wrap Georgina’s figure. The sense of curve and fullness is very obvious when looking at the figure from the front. The black color design also makes the clothes more wrapped.

Second, Georgina began to show off her wealth in a high profile. It’s too pompous

In Georgina’s recent appearances, the sense of “local tyrant” is also too exaggerated. Especially on the private plane to Saudi Arabia, Georgina’s ceaseless posing not only makes her sexy, but also highlights the gorgeous sense of her own style.

In addition to the jewelry she wears, which makes people dare not imagine their value, Georgina also carries a Hermes platinum bag. Although the style of her dress is very simple, the accessories are not simple at all.

Although Georgina’s look is very exaggerated, her clothes are really simple, especially the style of the top, which is a very basic shape of the base coat. But because of the tight shape and the design of ultra-low collar, this base coat is not simple at all. Even the black color matching also highlights the sexy figure of Georgina and the European and American style of wearing.

The tight bottoming shirt on Georgina also plays a very good role in shaping her figure, mainly because of these design details:

Emphasize the obvious skin dew effect

The ultra-low U-neck shape and the design of three-quarters sleeves emphasize the line feeling of modifying the neck and arms.

All black color matching+tight fit of clothes

It makes the black light absorption effect more obvious, and also emphasizes the thin effect of clothes.

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