NBA | The Nets won 12 consecutive games, but the Bulls ended it. Durant scored 44 points, and then he cut it

In competitive sports competitions, no matter how many consecutive victories, they will end someday. At noon on January 5, Beijing time, the Nets, which won 12 consecutive games, lost 112 to 121 away to the Bulls in the NBA regular season, and the 12 consecutive wins ended abruptly. This is the taste that the Nets once again lost a whole month after December 5 last year. Durant cut a high score of 44 points, but most of the other players in the Nets seemed to be cursed. They could not shoot any more, and losing was also a normal result. It is a little pity that the winning streak of the Nets has not ended in a stronger team. The Bulls are only the 10th team in the East, which requires the Nets to reflect.

A month’s unbroken winning streak of the Nets has enabled the team to move from the edge of the playoff circle to the playoff playoff play off area, then to the top six playoff circle, then to the top three in the east, and to remain in the second position for several rounds. It is really like a reborn feeling. The players have found confidence, more tacit cooperation, and Durant’s mentality has become more stable. To tell you the truth, it’s wrong for the basketball network to lose to the Bulls, but this is competitive sports. In the game, except Durant’s normal touch, other basketball players are always shooting iron, and the home team’s basket is like a net player with a cover.

The Nets spent the whole game chasing points, falling 10 points behind at half court, and then never equalled or exceeded. In the third quarter, they saw the hope of reversing and recovering 7 points, but they couldn’t grasp the opportunities many times at the critical moment, and they could only blame themselves for losing. Durant is the most normal one in the basketball network, especially in the third quarter. He led the team to bite the score by playing 3+1 and making a series of operations such as three penalties for a foul from a long shot. Durant scored 39 points in the first three quarters of the game. In the whole game, Durant made 15 of 22 shots, including 5 of 10 3-pointers. He never missed the free throw line for 9 times, scored 44 points in total, and also contributed 5 assists and 4 rebounds.

If Durant has such a performance, as long as Owen and Simmons’ shooting performance is slightly normal, the team can continue the winning streak. Although their defense in this game is not flattering, they can make up for it simply by their excellent attack. However, the Nets failed to do so. Look at the shooting performance of other players: Owen scored 25 points but hit 1 in 8 with 3 points; Royce O’Neill scored 0 out of 8 out of 3 points, starting first but not scoring 1 point; Simmons made a total of five shots in 26 minutes, walked around the basket, and made another mistake, that is, he did not shoot, and only made one shot in four free throws; Joe Harris hit 1 of 5 shots in 19 minutes and got 2 points, which was terrible. Only the substitute Seth Curry calculated his strength and got 22 points from 8 of 11 shots, which was far from enough.

In short, the Nets lost a game they should not have lost. Of course, the Nets should also understand that any victory is not easy to get.

Article/Liu Ailin, reporter of Beijing Youth Daily

Edited by Zhang Yingchuan

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