C Luxury houses in Luosau are worth more than 100 million yuan! There is an Olympic sized swimming pool and a maid driver. Don’t tell anyone

Ronaldo, 37, recently signed a contract with Al-Nassr FC, Saudi Arabia, for two and a half years, earning a record 200 million euros a year. In addition to Al-Nassr FC’s sincerity in salary, Al-Nassr FC also gives Ronaldo sufficient protection in life. According to the Daily Mail, Luo will live in a luxury house worth about RMB 100 million, which has an Olympic sized swimming pool, bowling alley, two gyms, private shops, game center and other facilities in the rich area of Riyadh.

According to the Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, the villa in Riyadh, which is to be sold, costs 55 million Saudi Riyals (about 100 million yuan). There are eight bedrooms in it. In addition to each bedroom, there is an Olympic swimming pool and a reception hall in the shape of an artificial waterfall, which are quite magnificent. At the same time, there are bowling alley, two gyms, private shops, game center and other facilities, which are quite suitable for the Ronaldo family both in space and use, and only 3 miles away from the home court of Al-Nassr FC Victory.

Riyadh Victory Club also equipped Ronaldo with maids, drivers and 24-hour security. In addition, after signing the contract, Ronaldo was given 5 luxury cars, which will be provided to Ronaldo for use in the luxury house.

Interior Map of Luxury HouseDaily Mail

The Daily Mail also said that this rich area can enjoy greater freedom. As long as foreigners are in villas, they can not be constrained by local customs and can hold parties with their relatives and friends in closed doors on weekends.

The Marca reported that in addition to the luxury houses provided by the club for Ronaldo in his contract with Al-Nassr FC, Al-Nassr FC will also provide Ronaldo with special flights to Portugal and Spain at ordinary times, and will pay attention to meeting other relevant needs of Ronaldo and his family.

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